Natural Deodorant


Ok so I’m wanting to know, what’s everyones favorite natural deodorant? I always try and use something more natural when it comes to my skincare/body moisturizers/body washes n such and I don’t wanna skip out on smelling good either. I’ve used a couple of brands before but I feel like I haven’t found the ONE. I of course DON’T wanna use anything that has aluminum in it and in search of just better ingredients just in general.


i haven’t gotten to try any yet. but as soon as i do i will get back with you on this one. :slight_smile:


I went to the health food store and sniffed so many the other day. I loved the smell of Schmidt’s Rose and Vanilla! I found one that was unusual:
a powder with a few ingredients. Tom’s of Maine is good, Pit Paste looks interesting. Booda Butter smells very cocoa buttery. I’d be interested in other people’s recipes!



I’ve tried a few but haven’t found one that fits my needs yet.


I mentioned this in another forum topic, but I’ve heard amazing things about the Lavanila Healthy Deodorant! It’s probably the one healthy deodorant I hear the most about between YouTube and people I personally know. I haven’t used it myself though. But they also have a lot of different vanilla combination scents to choose from! It’s not too expensive either. Based on their site, the standard size ranges from $12-$14.



Toms of Maine unscented, not fancy, very effective.


I was actually going to find a picture of this. But I’ve heard it works the best.


Vaness6297 posted a similar topic a few days ago and lots of people gave their suggestions. (There are also a few good photos of some natural deodorant products. haven’t really found a good natural deodorant product that I like yet.


I usually just stick to Degree or Secret it’s always worked for me.
I have never tried any of the more natural approaches.


The only one i have tried was Insta Natural Natural Deodorant and it wasnt to bad, but i always go back to dove


I tried one of those crystal deodorants many years ago. In my experience, it worked about as well as you would expect rubbing a rock under your arm to work.


I thought we already discussed Natural Deodorant in another forum?


I’m pretty sure there is another topic concerning the same thing. But like I said, I have never tried any natural deodorants. Although I would be very open to switching if I knew it would work well and smelled nice. I have always just used Dove deodorants.



I absolutely LOVE Native Deodorant. I’ve tried so many other natural deodorants because of the aluminum content in non-natural ones, but always feel like they make me sticky and usually last maybe an hour. Native is a stick deodorant, which is much preferred for me, and lasts up to 5-7 hours. I’ve tried Tom’s, Crystal, and a host of others but this one not only works incredibly well, but has amazing scents (the one I’m using right now is lavender rose, and it smells wonderful)


My sister in-law was talking about this the other day.
She ordered some and I am waiting to hear how it works for her.
I will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything…she has tried many different natural deoderant’s only to be dissatisfied.


@John I just came across a brand called Meow Meow Tweet that makes deodorant cream and sticks. I noticed they also sell a deodorant primer, something I have not yet come across in the world of natural deodorants. From the reviews, it sounds like a product that really helps the performance of their deodorants. Primal Pit Paste also has one but it looks like it is more oil based than MMT. I think if Community Cosmetics formulated a primer, it would definitely catch my eye as a brand! It seems like it helps the transition from aluminum based products to something a little more pit friendly. If anyone has used one, please share your experience! Strangely, when searching for other primers I saw that some people use deodorant as a makeup primer. Can’t imagine where that came from. Whether CC creates a primer or not, I will certainly try one in the future out of curiosity :grinning:


Cute looking stuff. Pricey!:money_with_wings:

I hadn’t heard of deodorant primers either. But wait… If I want their $26 stick of deodorant to work, now I have to buy a special pre-deodorant on top of that, and apply it first? I’d personally pass on a product like that in favor of a cheaper one which doesn’t require a 2 step application.

We appear to see this differently, tell me what I’m missing!


I have found a brand that makes several different natural deodorants that truly work. They have blended the effectiveness of our regular formula with the gentleness of our sensitive version to create one natural deodorant that does it all, powerfully protecting against odor while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. When start reading the ingredients and different illnesses they a play a huge role in. It is really scary that this is so new to so many of us.


I agree that the price is high ($14 from their website excluding shipping), but they are really not that much more than Primal Pit Paste, Native Deodorant, Lavanila, Soul Sunday, and others. It isn’t necessarily a 2 step process, you can use just the primer in lieu of their pricey deodorant. Primal Pit Paste claims their primer is for sensitive skin, helps irritation from razor burn and darkening, and aids in the detox process. This primer can be used to neutralize odors on your entire body, which is interesting.

Unfortunately, natural deodorant has not been the best for me. On one occasion after shaving, I applied Tom’s of Maine deodorant and it made my underarms feel like they were weeping. I had to use rose water to stop the awful sting because washing it off did not work at all, it just made matters worse. If you can create a fantastic deodorant, I would be thrilled if it worked. For now, natural deodorant is still in the experimental stage as I try to find the right one. Primers might be nonessential, but I can understand and appreciate their creation.


Great reply.

Irony: When your natural deodorant is more toxic than conventional.