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Hey everyone!

I’m thrilled to introduce a new feature we’re starting today where we’re highlighting a community member every week! We want you all to get to know one another better and show off your amazing selves, so we’re highlighting a new member every week! If you would like to be featured, please fill out this form!

Without further ado… Meet Cherri!

Hi. I’m Cherri Mason and I live in Montgomery, AL. I’m the mom of one super-sized 6’5”, 26 year old son. He is actually the reason I began living and purchasing from a healthier, more natural perspective.
He had so many allergies as a child, that his allergist actually asked, “Mrs Mason, do you have a bubble? Your son needs to live in a bubble.” Instead of investing in a bubble, I opted to research what changes I needed to make for him. Those changes translated into a lifestyle overhaul from what we ate to what we used on our bodies. And I’m happy to say that my son is no longer challenged with allergies!

I joined Community Cosmetics because I was impressed that a company that has a vision to produce safe, natural products wanted to secure the opinions and feedback of its prospective consumers BEFORE releasing those products onto the market. I was even more impressed that they would accomplish this goal at THEIR expense by providing free, hand made, excellently crafted and packaged samples! You should see what we’ve received so far!
My favorite thing about the Community is the wealth of information that’s being shared. For instance, I don’t think I would have heard about the use of deer milk in cosmetics anywhere else.

I would have to say my favorite beauty product of all time isn’t actually a beauty product per se, but it is part of my daily regime. I’ve worn Egyptian Musk Oil since I was 18 years old. Even when I wear other fragrances, I still wear Egyptian Musk Oil as a base. It has a subtle, magnetic, alluring, musky presence that I love.

As a teen and in my early twenties I used to sun bathe. As a result, I experienced some sun damage. Fluctuating hormones have also produced hyper-pigmentation and melasma, so I would really love to try a product that will effectively even out my skin tone on my face.

Community Cosmetics, I love our diversity! We even have guys! For those of you that have yet to participate in the conversations or have wanted to start a post about a beauty product or question, but have been hesitant, we’re waiting to hear from you! And to all the new Community members, welcome!:wave:t4:

Thanks to Cherri for being our first highlight - be sure to say hello to her!!

See you all soon! Melissa


Hi Cherri! Nice to meet you and lovely to find out more about a fellow Contributor!


Love you @Freedom, so happy to have you as an original member of this community, thank you for taking part in this journey and contributing - it’s truly a pleasure to have you here!

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Hi Cherri! Nice to meet you.
You described community cosmetics so perfectly.


Interesting story! Just wanted to say “Hi, Cherri”


Hello and congrats cherri your post alone have made my experience here great and cant wait for whats to come.


Hello Cherri! I have read your story on a social i enjoyed it so much as i thought you were very inspiring as a Mother to have changed just about everything in your life for your child!! I give you alot of credit for being such a dedicated unbelievably caring Mother i havnt met many moms like you!!!


So glad you were able to find what works for you and your son so he can live out in the world without being restricted.


I’ve always thought of you as the Forum Mother! Love your contributions and I’ve learned a great deal from you thus far, thank you for sharing your wisdom :clap:


Thank you @alpacas! That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever been told!


Thank you @Jacquiefw66! I appreciate your point of view. I couldn’t have imagined doing it any other way. Being a born protector has always motivated me to problem solve for those close to me.


Thank you @Hallie! I’m also glad! It was definitely worth it!


Thank you @Tammy_Matthews! I’ve also been enlightened by much of what you’ve shared. And yes, I’m looking forward to what’s coming for CC!


Thank you @Emgie! I’ve been missed your posts! I’m glad to see you’re still with us.


Hi @naffy786, thank you! Yep, we are a very diverse and growing family.


Thank you @John! Of course I’m glad to be here! I’m pleasantly surprised at how much being a part of CC means to me. It continues to benefit not only my knowledge of the Cosmetics world, but I’m getting to know perspectives and people that I would have never encountered without this forum.


Thank you @Sooz! Being able to share our experiences is one of the reasons I love this community!