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New member here. Just dropping a big hello from Wisconsin. Where is everyone from?


Hi Dolly_Wolf. I’m new, too, and trying to get the hang of this site. I’m from Indianapolis. I’ve only lived in Indiana…Redkey, Lafayette, Ft Wayne, Kokomo, Muncie.


Hiya! I’m over here in good ol’ Utah!


Originally from WI, but now live in IL.


Why Hello I am from Florida. And boy is it a hot one today


Same here in Utah. We are sitting pretty at 100 degrees today. But at least we don’t have the humidity that you do!


Pennsylvania here! Nice to meet you!


Hello…I am from San jose, California!!


Wisconsin near green bay


I am from campbell ohio


Sweet! I’m an hour north of Greenbay. Since we’re all learning we can help each other!


Detroit, MI here. Nice to meet you all. I love doing stuff like this.


Hi @Dolly_Wolf. Welcome to the Community! I’m from Montgomery, Alabama.


Texas born and raised, living in Austin.


I live in Washington state currently, but I have been military my whole life so I have lived all over the place. My parents were in the Army and then I was in the Air Force and my ex husband was in the Army so there was a bit of moving. :slight_smile: I don’t really have a home state or a particular area I feel more at home than another. At this point, home is where my little nuclear family and the few friends I have are.


New member also! Hello from Kentucky :blush:


Oregonian here :slight_smile:


I live in FL currently. Originally from New York.


Military brat born in Korea here! I’ve lived all over but currently reside in Arkansas. Did I mention it’s 100 degrees here? :sob:


My hubby is a military brat born in Panama. He graduated high school in Misawa, Japan and has lived all over too. Currently we are in Utah, which is where I’m from but we also lived in Idaho for many years before coming back here in 2013 for work.
It was 102 yesterday and destined to be 105 today. Thank the gods for air conditioning!!! And it is a dryer heat, which is a blessing most days.
But, my mother is from Arkansas. Harrisburg/Wiener to be exact. And the humidity there makes it feel like 150 degrees when it’s 100 so I definitely feel for you. But hey, when we visited my skin always looked great! :star_struck: