New Natural Deodorant ROLL-ON w Colloidial Silver


I found this little gem at my local market a week ago. I prefer roll-ons over solids and couldn’t find a natural one until I found this one. And I LOVE the ingredients. Especially the Colloidal Silver which I’ve had years of success with as the most effective, and safest antibiotic/antiviral.
@John , have you considered colloidial silver as an active ingredient for your new formula. I love the addition of pink Himalayan salt in this one too! As its mineral content is near identical to our own body, so as we lose electrolytes through sweat, pink Himalayan is the perfect balancer (it is great to make your own chemical free, natural gatorade)
AND the magnesium oil! I am using this daily even though I don’t need it, because it not only is effective, but has healthy good-for you boosters as well… now I don’t have to use a separate magnesium oil spray. Yeah!


I love using colloidal silver. The nasal spray is the bomb for knocking out sinus infections, hay fever and other pesky allergies!


CS is amazing for so many things. I would have never thought to use it in deodorant, though it makes sense, since it kills bacteria.