Night and Day


Anyone notice a difference in feel/effectivenesseither with the body wash or any other product? For instance, does scent linger longer, or moisturizing effect,if used in the morning or at night?


If I shower and put all my curly hair products in before pineappling before bed, I usually have great smelling hair in the morning.


I don’t really notice a major difference unless I change how I do things.

If I let my hair “air dry” I notice the shampoo scent lingers longer.


I"ve a noticed a difference in formulas sometimes during the change of seasons.
I’ve also noticed that my scent can change as well. in terms of how long it lasts.


I almost always shower at night, so I really haven’t noticed just based on the few times I do actually shower in the morning. I feel the same as Achalala11, I notice things are different if I actually do them differently. Like my hair definitely feels softer to me if I blow dry it rather than let it air dry.


Me too, wonder why?


I haven’t noticed a difference in the response of skincare concerning morning vs night. But often when I want to test a new fragrance I’ll sleep in it to determine what it will smell like when I awaken. This also gives me an idea of how long it will keep its scent during the day. I’ve also noticed that a fluctuation in my hormones has been responsible for a scent changing on me.


Very insightful!

I am going to start doing this with fragrance!


i haven’t really noticed a difference day and night but i have noticed a difference with seasons.


I’ve never noticed a difference.


I tend to use more lotions in winter so I notice me smelling more like my products due to the dry weather at that time of the year. And of course I smell like sunscreen in the summer do to applying it but nothing besides that.


Because my work schedule varies in hours, I shower morning or evening depending on that and I usually do relaxation baths in the evening. Ive never noticed any difference in the way my products work whether morning or evening. I do have a more lasting scent when i do my hair in the evening and then sleep after its air dried.


I’m not sure I’ve noticed any difference. I do shower in both evening and morning as well. Depends on work schedule and kids.


I haven’t noticed a difference, although I almost always shower in the morning.


Agreed! I also shower at night, particularly because I like the way my hair curls better when I sleep with it wet vs. how it curls if it’s wet during the day. I try to stay away from any heat/blow driers, so since my hair takes forever to dry on its own accord, it makes more sense to shower at night.If I’m not washing my hair, I occasionally prefer a morning shower, but that’s because the shower wakes me up! Not because of any product preferences.


What a great idea!!


I feel like when I shower before I go to bed, the smell of my products seem to last longer, but when I shower in the morning, the scents wear off during the day. I don’t know if it has to do with running around all day versus just laying in bed asleep. Maybe when you’re in bed and your body is warm and cozy it keeps the smell close to your body?
I’m not sure.


I agree, I have never noticed any difference in a product’s effectiveness whether I use it day or night.