No more updates on every new topic


I wanted to point out a huge difference in the way this system notifies you of new posts, vs the old system.

We heard the feedback on topic notifications. Not only would Gmail (the most popular email client) thread notifications for all topics, but the old system sent out way too many emails. It resulted in posting fatigue.

We have been able to configure the new system to NOT notify you of every new topic. This is, of course, configurable by you to change, both on a Topic (e.g. “Jade Rollers” & Category (e.g. “Talk”) level. If you want to be notified of every new topic, you can certainly change that.

We don’t want to inundate community members with stuff you are not interested in chatting about… we don’t want to try and force participation.

If you are a Co-Creator, we will notify you with a Co-Creator group message on Blogs and To-Dos to so you won’t miss out on a requirement.


What a relief! Thank you, it is much appreciated :grinning:



This is good, we won’t feel constrained to “say something!”.


So this is the answer to my unasked question! I was wondering why I was receiving so few emails, especially with the new system up and running. I actually went into my settings to see if I had inadvertently limited myself from receiving the normal messages. Thank you.


“Watching” is the setting you would choose for a Category if you wanted to get notifications for every topic, you can adjust this yourself if you don’t want to miss a thing.


Alright, baby steps are good because I am not very computer smart. LOL


Be sure to do the GuidedTourBot and he’ll make you an expert on how to participate in the forum in no time :horse:


I can’t figure out how to do it.


Click on your avatar (photo) in top right. You will see a list of messages. One of them should be a greetings message from the Guided Tour Bot. Click it and follow the prompts.


This works out so much better!


Thanks so much I love to be chosen to try it :slight_smile:


You bet, be sure to check out this post on Co-Creator FAQ