Olay Regenerist Question


Hello and I hope this is okay to post. This is my first post :slight_smile: I have been using Olay since I was 17 years old. My grandmother gave me my first bottle and explained how to use it. I love my Olay but as I am ageing it doesn’t seem to do the job. Have any of you tried Olay’s Regenerist? I am wondering if you like it or if there is another product I should try. Thank you :slight_smile:


I use several products in the Regenerist line. Im one that tends to switch out different types of products and brands based on my skin for the day but I have 2 I use that I love. The Whips are a really great moisturizer and there are several based on skin needs. I use the regular one and love how lightweight it feels. It works great for my combination skin because it doesnt produce excess oil on me. The Olay Eyes Pro Retinol treatment is a really good eye cream that I promise works. I started using it when it first came out and I swear by results lol. Im not sure if it is tied in to the Regenerist line but the first time I tried it it was a sample product along with the Micro Sculpting cream which is in the line so I just assume it is. Either way, both great beneficial products.


Thank you so much @emiley_smith :slight_smile: you have helped me in my decision.



My pleasure. Im in my 40s so anti aging products are crucial for me.


I am 43 and you just made it even better because you look amazing! You look like you are in your early 30’s😃


Well thank you. I am actually 43 as well. Im a May baby :slight_smile:


I love the Olay Whips as well, I get the light yellow one. I’m 35 and it’s all about preventative ageing at this point. Lol. It works great with my skin with every day use and it’s about $35 at CVS,but always check online for coupons and deals…i know Olay just had an online deal that if you bought a Regenerust Whip product you got 2 free full sized products as well.


I haven’t tried it yet but would like to!


I have heard good things about it and plan on trying it soon.


I’ve tried the regenerist whips, I actually really like it