One Dry/Creased Undereye


This might be strange, but only one of my undereyes has been very dry and creased lately. I don’t know what happened, but for a couple months I’ve had this very noticeable crease under my left eye and it’s also very dry. The inner corner is also dry and slightly swollen. I feel like it looks several years older than my other eye. Not really a big deal, but I’d definitely prefer for my whole face to look my age lol. I have no clue what happened! Any thoughts on this?


Do you sleep on that side of your face? If so, you could be having a reaction to the detergent that you wash your pillow cases with. Or that side of your face may be lacking the circulation it needs while you’re sleeping? Just a thought.


I was thinking the same thing maybe you sleep on that side of your face more then the under side. And have you tried an under eye cream to take the dryness away?


I fall asleep on the other side, but I know I move around a lot in my sleep, so it’s possible I end up being on that side more! I didn’t even think about circulation. Thank you and @Astawicki for your help! I’ve been using an eye cream and a very light moisturizer. It helps a bit, it’s just strange that it’s only that part that’s dry!


You’re welcome! I just remembered something. My son and I spent a few nights with one of my friends and every morning I awoke with swollen eyes, couldn’t figure out the problem. I finally found out her pillows contained down feathers. I was allergic.


@jesslosgar I think that it may be creased because of your sleeping position. If I end up sleeping on one side more often than the other then I have wrinkles/creased forming under that eye. As for one eye being dry, I am not sure.


I think I would go to my dermatologist and let her figure it out. Many years ago I had a similar issue on one of my upper lid areas. Maybe you go try some coconut oil or BioOil. BioOil is the answer to many skin issues. Good luck!