Oral Hygiene


What do you all do to keep your mouth fresh?


i use colgate’s new line of toothpastes and mouthwashes


I use Colgate total or Pronamel whitening toothpastes. Act is a mouthwash that seems to work well for me too. The one I buy has fluoride. I also use multiple types of floss due to having permanent retainers. I use GUM ezz floss threaders and Oral-B glide mint-flavored floss.


I like Crest toothpaste. I also recently tried a sample product from the company named hello.


I like Tom’s of Maine, but I’m impressed by Jason’s. Going a little more commercial,
Arm & Hammer is excellent.


I like Tom’s of Maine,
Hello and The Natural Dentist.


I’ve used the Crest Pro Health line since it came out. I can’t bring myself to use any of the charcoal toothpastes yet, although I hear they do a great job at cleaning. I’ve heard a few say that it dries their mouth out. Anyone had problems with that?


I love and only use the Colgate Optic White line. Keeps breath fresh and teeth clean and bright. My father is a dentist, and he advises against the charcoal trend. He said that while yes, the charcoal is a natural abrasive and gets rid of most surface stains, that it also scrapes against the top layer of dentin in your teeth, causing massive sensitivity to hot and cold (especially if you use any whitening or bleaching products).


I also use Colgate optic white!
Love it!

Plus my water flosser!


I’ve been using alot of activated charcoal products for my teeth.
I have a toothpaste and a powder type and they really do work for teeth whitening.


I have a dentist prescribed tooth paste, floss, and listerne mouthwash.


I mentioned this on another topic, but I like Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste because it’s a mild abrasive that my dentist approves of, and baking soda lets you know if your mouth is fresh.
If I detect an unpleasant taste, that means something is not right in my mouth.
I remember my dad used to say he likes backing soda because it lets him taste his own breath… gross description, but how helpful is that? Trapped food particles between your teeth (if you don’t floss) or if you have food lodged in an oral cavity, like a tonsil (have you heard of tonsil stones?) will contribute to bad breath.

Listerine cinnamon mint threaded floss.I prefer alcohol-based mouthwashes (I like Listerine).
I’ve found many of the alcohol-free mouthwashes don’t feel right to my mouth.
Some of the natural ones I’ve used taste too sweet or too minty and actually hurt my sensitive gums.
I also have a tongue scraper, and alternate between using this and brushing my tongue.
I like the tongue scraper because it lets me get the far back region of my tongue without choking me.If I get a cut, abrasion, or bite my tongue or cheek and start to develop a canker sore or need to expedite oral healing, I’ll put a few drops of Betadine (iodine) in my mouthwash to help kill any germs.



I like toothpastes with a whitener or a baking soda additive.
I’m not a huge brand shopper but we usually stick with Crest or Colgate.
We also prefer Listerine products (or the generic versions) because we feel it does a better job at actually cleaning out the bacteria that causes bad breath.


crest and hello toothpaste and act bubblegum mouthwash or Listerine sensitive tooth mouthwash!I suck at flossing


As in your technique needs work, or you haven’t stuck to a routine?


I’m fine with the routine of flossing I just have a hard time with my molars.


Have you Oral B’s Floss Threaders? They are designed to floss through retainers, bridgework and generally tight spaces.


Forgot a simple one!
Tounge scraping!
Oh the benefits of tounge scraping!
And of course oil pulling (time consuming, but works) and essentail oils for tooth ache/pain…clove is a great one…one tiny drop neat, rubbed on affected tooth or gum.
Also Thieves oil works great for that and gum irritation…I had a popcorn skin stuck up under the gum line for like a week…I couldn’t see it, but I could sure feel it!
Rubbed some thieves oil on my sore gum and within an hour that popcorn shell/skin was emerging! I grabbed a pair of tweezers and removed the forgeign object!!! What a relief!

I am anti-popcorn ever since!


I rely on brushing and mouthwash.


I like anything from the Colgate Total line. And I always used to carry around Listerine strips with me too, but I haven’t bought them in a long time. But they were always amazing for times like after lunch at work when I can’t brush!