Oral Hygiene


When I first had retainers I used to soak them in denture cleaner too! That stuff works well… except for when you’re 10 and forget to take it out when you’re eating… that was gross.


I make sure to brush daily and drink a lot of water, gargle before going to bed too.


You might also like Jason’s. It has this strange, thick texture that allows you to use very little and still get the job well done.


Wow Emgie! You hit the nail on the head!:+1:t4: I do like Jason’s for that very reason! I’m actually using Jason’s Power Smile Gel with Flouride now. :grin:


I can’t believe I forgot to mention that I’ve taken Chlorophyll capsules for years. Depending on what you eat, garlic, onions, etc, brushing your teeth may only be a temporary fix. Chlorophyll helps neutralize the odors in the stomach, instead of masking them.


Parsley as well! It is the real reason it is used as a garnish. It used to be functional part of a meal. :wink:


Anyone know of any whitening toothpastes that don’t contain SLS?:cat:


15-20 minutes? That seems like an extremely generous amount of required time! More like a challenge on Survivor :rofl:


@Emgie Hello charcoal toothpaste. Keep in mind to use it every other day and not consecutively (from my experience it can make your teeth sensitive).


I gave it up because the charcoal wasn’t doing as well as I wanted, maybe not at all, but my husband, whose question it really was has taken over the rest of it and he’s pretty happy with it. I’ll pass on the word about the sensitivity.:cat:


Yeah it works for some and for others, it may not. Also, just like your eyes are unique, teeth are too.


I use Colgate Total as it is the only toothpaste that has germ killing triclosan. I am in the process of having all of my top front teeth crowned at the moment… one or two every few months. Right afterwards I use Colgate Sensitive toothpaste. I also use Listerine Floss and mouth wash. With this regimen I have been able to practically reverse the gingivitis I had!


making sure I brush at least two times daily for at least two minutes each, also I like colgates wisps which are waterless disposable toothbrushes you can use in between or while on the go they work great.


I tried a sample of it and it worked well for me but I don’t have sensitive teeth.


I think the overall effectiveness of the product may also depend on if you have dental work as well. I have a bond so i knew one of my teeth wasn’t going to ever look sparkling white.


Nice. It worked for me too. It whitens your teeth definitely. I don’t have sensitive teeth, it makes my teeth sensitive, so I just use it occasionally.


My daughter loves the charcoal toothpaste from hello. I think she gets a kick out of it making her teeth black so she can take selfies & send to all her friends. She hasn’t mentioned that it dries her mouth out. I’ll be sure to ask her to see.


Yes please share. I’m still debating on trying so that would be interesting to know.


@emiley_smith My husband and I have both used Hello Charcoal and while I wasn’t thrilled with it, neither of us experienced the dryness. I can see where a kid would have a ball with it! :cat:


Brush, floss, mouthwash