Oral Hygiene


I get the worst tonsil stones. They happen a lot and not only do they cause bad breath but they also irritate my throat. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of them but nothing that is recommended seems to help. Maybe I am just more likely than other people to get them.


@gapgurlm I completely sympathize with you. I got to a point where my throat was inflamed every few months, and per your point it totally affects your breath. After visiting the second ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist), I was told my tonsils were fried. So at 38 years old I had them removed. After a little discomfort, the relief has been so worth it.


Thanks for this. I’ve been seing the Hello Charcoal toothpaste in WalMart and I’ve been really curious about trying it.


I think getting your tonsils removed would permanently solve for this. I know you can carefully poke the area with the end of a toothbrush to help expel the tonsil stones.


@Freedom How long was your healing process for this procedure?


I already poke the area to expel any tonsil stones that I can but sometimes it irritates my throat more. I know that removing tonsils would also work, just wish there was an easier way to go about relieving the problem.


@John The recovery process was nothing like I had read it would be, thankfully! I only had pain/discomfort for the first two days. And most of any icky feeling, like nausea, was actually because of the pain meds I was given. Once I stopped taking those, Loratab, I felt normal again.


It’s something I’ve considered. I don’t get tonsil stones, but thought it might just help keep breath fresh.


I use the hello, and I am finding some sensitivety happening, I read that pronamel doesn’t have sls , I am going to look into it or another hello brand, I get horrible canker sores and sls is a culprit!


@Dana_Koval Give Jason Powersmile a try.



Good old long-lasting Jason’s .! Peppermint? Why not, but it does last forever so it’ll be a while!:smiley_cat:


Brush, brush, brush mouthwash and of course you need to floss.


I was told by a specialist who was giving consults to the dentists when I happened to be getting my teeth cleaned that there is a product on amazon that does amazing for gingivitis. It is called PerioSciences AO ProVantage Dental Gel - 30ml Natural Mint Flavor for Healthy Oral Care While Soothing Gums . I was skeptical because nothing was helping my inflamed gums, no matter what I tried. However, it seems to be working fairly well, but I am a mouth breather and the front won’t get any less red.