Packaging feedback


Package elements:Box size, color, design (inside and out)RaffiaWelcome cardTissue PaperBottlesSample ArrangementLabel designAddress labelWhat did you think when you opened the package?What did it “say” to you?What worked well, what didn’t?Were the elements cohesive - did it go together?Any suggestions for future improvements?
If you are aesthetically and technologically inclined, please feel free to include any design mockups you might have in your head.


I’ll get it started, we were disappointed in the resolution of the print job for the boxes when they arrived.
For example, the font of the welcome message was very difficult to read.
But we’ve got hundreds of them, so we’ll have to use them :slight_smile:


I was pleasantly surprised at the welcome box! I found it to be well thought out &amp: very cohesive. I do have to agree with the font size on the inside of the box. Too small, difficult to read, but it is what it is &amp: we all were expecting the samples so no harm done. I loved the special touch of the tissue &amp: raffia wrapped bottles. I felt the tissue taped to the bottom of the box was useless to keep the bottles separate as the items shifted during shipment &amp: wasn’t necessary. Still very impressive!


So for the outside it’s pretty simple. Was nice to see more personalized package for your brand though rather than just a USPS envelope or box.
I expected to open and just have the samples. But there was the note. The texture of that paper for some reason I really like
although it does have a smell. Someone on another post said like money and I think that explains it well.
It was definitely a bit stronger scent. It’s been a couple days and I just grabbed it to smell again and there isn’t much smell left to it. If I stick it to my nose I can slightly smell it. Although I don’t think this smell was like disgusting. Maybe just not what I had expected with body wash. But I mean it didn’t really bother me. If I had ordered this and it came as is I would have still been pretty impressed with packaging. The leaf design and coloring was nice on the inside. But what jumped out at me was the tissue paper and the string tie around it. I love the color of the tissue paper. And I was like just for sample they did this. Definitely was nice. I’m used to amazon packaging which consists of a box only pretty much or bubble envelope.
I hadn’t even noticed the message on the inside of the box was difficult to read. But after seeing your comment I went and looked and it is a bit hard. I think I was too preoccupied with seeing the pretty tissue paper when I opened it to notice.
I also notice more thought had went into it by rolling up the tissue paper at the bottom to keep the samples in place. I think it definitely helped while traveling to me.
Overall the packaging was good and definitely not what I was expecting. I do shop online often and not just from amazon but when i get a packaged you can definitely tell when they put a little extra effort into it. I’d say you went a bit beyond a little extra effort. Last month I had ordered some sun screen from amazon from a 3rd party. It was a name brand sun screen so nothing this specific store had created.
It shipped from Korea. It came with a note and it also came with a handmade origami and the note explained the origami and what it had meant. It was really cute and definitely stood out. I made sure to leave them feedback on their extra efforts. Not that I am saying you guys should go do origami but I think customers do definitely notice and appreciate the extra thought that goes into packaging. A good portion of packages that I have gotten (from places other than amazon) usually just come in a plain box and contain a receipt.
Address label- I don’t even think I looked at it until now. It matches the box. I was pretty curious if it was clear or just a similar color so I pulled it up a bit because I wanted to know lol. It’s clear. Should also mention here that it was different to have it on the bottom of the package along with the USPS labels and such. So the top of the box has your logo showing well.
As far as the actual samples go I will admit I just now realized they had ingredients listed. I guess I didn’t pay too much attention to them and was more excited to try them out. The bottles in general are nice. They seem of good quality containers and I like the dark blue color. Often times they are clear and showing off the “pretty color” which really means the color dyes that have been added. So I definitely appreciate when no color was added.

Overall I think it all went together well. If I made a suggestion to change anything it would be the smell of the note. I think even leaving them sit to air out and no smell would be better. I am assuming it’s not so easy to give them all a new smell since that could take quite a bit of time as well as be a bit hard. And then finding a scent all of your customers would be happy with.
I should add in one last thing. Rubber bands. Some companies use rubber bands. My daughter has a latex allergy along with many others. Opening a package and then finding a rubbing band could cause severe medical reactions for these people. Its really something so simple that I am sure most companies are not aware of but can make a huge difference for customers with allergies. They don’t even have to touch the rubber band. Just the proteins from the rubber in the air will cause the reaction. I am in a latex group and each time they get something that makes them have a reaction they definitely post to warm others to not shop from that company. With some liquids you’d get it in a plastic bag and then a rubber band to close the bag. So that way if it busts opens during shipping it wont ruin the whole package. I feel yours are pretty secure inside though.


[161 wrote:] For sake of screen real estate I won’t quote, but most informative @Melissa21
Great info on the rubber bands, too.Curiously enough, the tissue paper color was a mistake, it was supposed to be a different color, but we had an internal miscommunication.
Glad you liked it.I’ll have to dig up more of that paper and give it a sniff, both the tissue and welcome note, to see if I can pick up on any money smell.


Appreciate you letting me know the bottles shifted during your shipment.


I also really enjoyed the presentation of the samples. The box is simple yet elegant, it’s also nice that the company name is shown. Upon opening the box, you are presented with a gorgeous display. I loved the little bow and how the paper was wrapped around the samples…it was like opening a little gift. You could see that someone took time and care in the presentation of the products. I thought it was really nice and I certainly didn’t expect it to be so pretty. By the way, I didn’t notice the smell of money on my little paper. The simplistic labels on the bottles were also quite nice. I absolutely loved everything about this gorgeous little package.


I absolutely love the packaging! It fits perfect with the type of products and it has such a luxury look and feel to it. I really liked how it had to be opened like a present to see the sample bottle, it makes it fun. The welcome card fit perfect with the packaging presentationThe labels on the bottles fit great with each of the products.I think overall everything looks amazing, I am very big with packaging I think its very important since its the first thing that is seen when introducing, receiving, or purchasing a product. Loved it all!


I personally loved the whole packaging.It felt very personal as if it was a fabulous present just for me.I loved the nice earthy tones in the colors because that said “Natural Ingedients” is waiting inside the wrapping.The bottles are a beautiful color and I love the detailed of the label on each bottle.Overall I think it is very nice and it is suitable for a man or a woman.


I loved the overall presentation. it was very lovely. It was also eye-catching. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to open it. I liked the simplicity of the packaging as well


I absolutely loved the packaging. I thought the box was appealing with a contemporary style. The bottles were placed neatly in the package where information was visible. The raffia was a very neutral touch and went perfectly with the scheme. The welcome card was easy to read and a very welcoming touch I might add. The product labels were clear and the colors were nice. The bottles were a great sample size, just a little hard to use.


I guess the font size (which usually springs right out at me) didn’t affect me because I was so surprised at how much the sample box, which could have been a bag full of bubble wrap, looked so much like a
gift box. The raffia was a great salute to “plant -based”. The parchment paper was very special, but yeah, the tissue paper was a little lumpy. I thought it looked like there was something else wrapped up in there and was confused since I knew there were only 3 items. I don’t know what you could use instead. It would be more labor intensive, but maybe the bottles could be individually rolled in tissue. They’d look a little like English “Christmas crackers” but without the ends tied. I would like to see a tiny bit more color to make the package pop a little, but very little. How about an eyelash of the same royal as the bottles, nestled against one of teal? This could go either
around (oval?) the name or inside or outside the lines to the right and left of the logo. The jewel tones would be very rich but could also support the concept of unisex.


I thought the whole package was beautiful. Starting with the brown box, even the design on the inside is pretty. The note, tissue paper and tie just make it so rich looking. I like the bottles, as well. Simple, yet something that would catch my eye. I feel like alot of thought and care was put into the whole packaging and I absolutely love it.


I thought the entire packaging was superb!

Very thought out and cohesive!
It was beautiful, and really reitterated a natural vibe!
I was super impressed and to be honest was one of the prettiest packaged “gifts” I have ever seen.


I thought it was a super cute package and I was beyond excited to open it. I don’t know that I loved the welcome letter just because, it was a little hard to read but, I thought the way the samples were packaged were awesome and the fact that they were all separately packaged was awesome! I also think the paper that was used to print the welcome letter was so cool and so absolutely original! I loved it!


i loved the packaging, from the boxing to the paper and the ribbons. very nice. it looked like a gift from the spa. the sample bottles were perfect sized, the scents were all 3 different, good variety.
the design of the packaging just says great quality products. very well thought out, very well packaged, i think it went together perfectly. i would definitely purchase judging from the packaging, if i seen it in a store, it would definitely catch my eyes.


The packaging was very thoughtful. It was waiting for me when I arrived home and thought the box was visually appealing. When I opened it was arranged so nicely I took a picture. I believe the intended theme for the box is the same one the company has, essentially natural products. The box had a personal and earthy tone. The color of the wrapping paper didn’t convey earthy to me. Perhaps if it was grass green or a sky blue or would. I didn’t smell the paper that could’ve been due to being on the road for 5.5 hours and feeling like a kid at Christmas. The arrangement of the bottles was simple and efficient, it kept everything in its places. The box size was appropriate for the bottle sizes. The designs inside the box was perfect minus the tiny font.


There really wasn’t anything I disliked about the packaging. I was actually so surprised when I opened it! I didn’t expect it to be packaged up so beautifully and I think it had a very natural and calming feel to it. I loved the parchment note and the tissue paper. I think it’s funny that wasn’t meant to be the color, it ended up really fitting with the whole aesthetic of the package! I loved how it was tied up too and how there were indents for each of the bottles. after opening it and looking at everything, I packaged it all back up just how it was so it could stay pretty a little while longer lol.Someone had mentioned the smell of the note in another topic - personally I didn’t have issue with it! I didn’t smell anything when I opened the box, so I think I’d have to actually put my nose to the paper to smell it. Overall, I think it was a very impressive package. Very beautiful and earthy and I’m really looking forward to the next one!


I said this on the blog, but I’ll repeat it here.
Everything about the receipt of the samples spoke of excellence. If someone puts obvious thoughtfulness and extra energy into their packaging, I believe I can most assuredly trust the contents within the packaging. And I have an idea of what to expect from the full sized offerings to come. Being excellent in the “small” things speaks volumes and will surely garner loyal customers. I’m honored to be a part of your vision John. Very, very well done! Also, there was no odor coming from the paper in my packaging.


I adored the packaging… like someone else said above it felt like opening a gift. Mine arrived neatly with all three bottles in their place. My daughter and I oohed and ahh’d over it before opening the bottles to start smelling them. Thank you for putting such a special and thoughtful touch on this experience.