🗞 Patent Pick: Fresh as a Winter Savory Armpit?


This is very interesting!

I am very interested

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Well, thats something to think about, isn’t it?

Wow, this is very Interesting

Sounds very interesting and better then using products full of chemicals. Love to try and see.

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I would try it, I rather try healthier, natural alternatives.

This sounds great and its always better than putting a bunch of chemicals on or in your body

Hmmmm that is interesting

I am extremely interested. I love natural products over chemicals.

Interesting, I would love to try it, I want to do all natural and keep away from harsh chemicals

I love to try it. I am very interested

Interesting, something to think about

That’s good news for those who are challenged in the area of body odor. Hopefully a safe, natural and effective formulation will be released. I just hope they make it affordable for everyone needing it.

This is very interesting.

I love natural products and essential oils. I would love to try this. I work 12 hour shifts and this would be wonderful.

Interesting info in the article.

Added this to my list of ingredients to read about, and now I’m also interested in the overall product development timeline from patenting to trials to going on the market.

I’ve tried so many antiperspirant/deodorants with various active ingredients and so far I haven’t found anything more effective than the standard drugstore aluminum sticks. I know a lot of people stay away from that ingredient because “all-natural” blogs caution against it, and some people may have allergies or be prone to irritation, so it would be great to have an equally effective alternative available on the market.