đź—ž Patent Pick: Under-eye Coverage in a New Light


By harnessing ambient light and concentrating the increased light reflection in the area of the skin imperfec­tions, especially dark under-eye circles, the invention is said to obscure discoloration and uneven surface textures, imparting a perception of natural, smooth and even-toned skin.


I would love to try this product since i have under eye circcles!


I would love to test this product i have dark cirles under my eyes.


I have a few under eye circles and would be very open to trying such a product.


Please,please,please, I would so love to try this.
I have the worse dark circles ands under my eyes, makes me look like I am dead.


of course I would love to try. Anything to at least lessen the dark circle


I have a newborn and two older boys as well. I need something to help these circles! I look like a character from the walking dead with how tired I look :weary:


Sounds like A innovative way of treating dark circle rather than cover them.


I am open to trying such an eye product and seeing how it would result and what they would be on all skins colors


The key word here is “perception.” The million dollar question is, “Who’s perception?” And will this “perception” be enough to convince individual consumers that their dark circles and uneven skin tone are improved enough to market this as a successful product?


I would like to try this product


I would love trying some under-eye coverage for my dark circles, thank you in advance.


Under eye circles are my biggest problem. I need HELP!!!


I need help eyes I wear glasses and if I take them off I look like I have two blacks eyes or even with my glasses on it looks like I have dark circles, I would love to try this and see if it helps.