Photo Tip: Crop to Nose & Ear - See Example


Hello @FO_Eye_Cream_01!

We’re really enjoying keeping up with the updates, it’s so much fun! While everyone’s photos are improving each day, I wanted to share an example which shows not just good clarity, but good skin coverage.

One of the areas for selfie optimization we wanted to call out is improving the skin to eye ratio. Some of the photos contain more eye than skin, and we want to make sure we’re getting the benefit of the creams by showing more skin around the eye in our updates.

Click the link below to see how Rosie crops to the bottom of the nose and to the ear on her front and side views, which provides a better view of the skin around her eye (Thanks @jam_i209!)

Thank you everyone!


:flushed: Thank you John. I was just going off the ones you sent back to us :wink:



Well done, your pics and crops are excellent!