Pimple Patches


So recently I’ve tried some pimple patches. I have tried the Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches (available on Amazon, but the link/picture wasn’t working)

as well as these new WKND Simple Pimple Patches

and they both work well at reducing the size of pimples (mainly those with a white head that have already come to the surface). I prefer the WKND Simple Pimple Patches because they are virtually invisible and they really stay on. I actually put on one of these (on my chest) before bed and totally forgot I did. I showered and used oil and lotion (and discovered I forgot it) and it didn’t come off until I peeled it off. I left a review on Amazon about my experience because I was really in total shock.

For anyone that hasn’t used pimple patches yet (I recommend them), they are made of hydrocolloid (a gelatin like material that aids in wound healing) film that sucks the pus and oil out of an active pimple and traps it inside of the patch. This helps it flatten and heal much faster. As I said before, it seems to work better on whiteheads and/or previously popped pimples. Has anyone out there tried these patches and what do you guys think? Also this is my first time posting an original topic (crazy for as long as I’ve been here), but I’m glad I waited until I had something interesting to talk about. :slight_smile:


@GypsyRose_03 i am sooo glad you shared this! I actually hadnt heard of these pimple patches but im definitely gonna have to check them out! Im 35 but i still break out like a teenager every few weeks, so this product sounds amazing! Thank you again for all the info on both of the pimple patches. You did a really awesome job of describing the product and your personal experience wirh it =)


Very cool share, thank you @GypsyRose_03!


I love Mighty Patch. They recently released a clear patch too. I liked that they are sold in two sizes. I found that they worked great. They also kept me from picking at my pimple.


That, in of itself, is a great reason!


It is. They are affordable to which is great.I also think they are have released a larger mighty patch that can be cut to size. If I recall a recent email right.


They released the Mighty Patch surface for larger areas with multiple pimples. I think I’ve also seen some medicated type patches on Amazon,but I don’t really remember the brand.