🗞 [podcast] Consequences of Hawaiis Sunscreen Ban



:anguished:This is completely absurd and sad. The article states, “The chemicals themselves have been under fire—research conducted prior to the bill’s passing showed the two ingredients could pose a threat to coral reefs.“
Dictionary.com’s definition of coral reef, “ 1. a reef composed mainly of coral and other organic matter of which parts have solidified into limestone.”
Have people begun to place so much emphasis on the environment that the health of humans will be degraded and take a backseat? So the law makers of Hawaii deem it more important to protect the health of a coral reef than to protect the lives of breathing, moving, destiny having humans from skin cancer?? Unbelievable.


Preserving humans now vs preserving the environment for generations to come. One of the arguments of our age, for sure.


It definitely is the argument of our age. I do have to admit I slide more towards the environment because nature is the reason we exist and it will have a domino effect. If one species or plant dies then plenty more will die after that and things will fall out of order. Once that’s gone then we all go down. Coral reefs are very important to the marine environment and a lot of marine species depend on it. I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with a sunscreen that is both safe for the environment and the ocean; if they haven’t already.


As someone with v e r y fair skin, I was very worried about this at first. I thought, I’m going to burn in 5 minutes without sunscreen!!:scream_cat: But, there are so many mineral based sunscreens available now that I don’t think this ban will be a problem. And, the less chemicals involved, the better for our skin/health too. Save the coral reefs. Save our health!