Poll: Beeswax Pro or Con?

  • I’m OK using products with Beeswax
  • I use only vegan products, or ones which do not contain beeswax

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Colostrum Anti-aging ingredient

All natural, multi functional, inexpensive, what’s not to like, unless you have a bee allergy?


I really like Burt’s Bees specifically because of the beeswax. It seals in the moisture and keeps my lips soft for longer than other lip balms.


Multiuse, great product, happy, healthy bees, I’m not seeing a downside!:cat:


I like it in lip balms.


I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I’ve used Burt’s Bees sparingly in the past but if other products I use have it as an ingredient, I haven’t paid attention. This group is really inspiring me to pay attention and take notice of the things I am putting in/on my body, though.


Beeswax :honeybee: is most definitely a pro its all natural and its very important to support the bee population


And Burts Bees Has come out a awesome whole line of products :tada:


Which is why some people are against it being used in personal care products.


Are bees harmed in anyway in the making of beeswax products? I really don’t know.


No. Its very easy to remove beeswax without hurting the bees.


I guess im really not understanding your thinking process the bees are not being harmed in anyway by using beeswax


Many people into vegan beauty won’t use bee products because of their ethos that to do so would be taking advantage of another species as we have not received the bees’ consent, or because bees can be harmed in the harvesting process.