Poll: Colored products to highlight ingredients?


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Let’s assume this is done naturally. What do you think of coloring products to highlight their ingredients? (e.g. Orange for citrus, pink for rose, purple for lavender, etc.)

  • I find products where the color of the formula naturally highlights the ingredients appealing
  • I do NOT think using color to highlight ingredients, even if done naturally, adds to a product’s appeal
  • I’m not concerned with the color of a product

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Colors! (A plus or a minus?)
Week 11 Update

I like natural products.


I agree! Natural is the way to go


Using the body wash sample that had the slightly peach coloring was fine, because I knew in advance the background of the formulation. If I had bought a product like that and discovered it was colored, I would have to investigate all the ingredients to make sure the source was a natural one before using it. Time consuming. In terms of a colored product increasing appeal, the biggest question is, how will the consumer know in advance that the product is colored, to possibly increase the appeal? Will there be something on the packaging that communicates this?


I think Bath and Body Works does this by putting them in clear bottles.


Oh yeah. I’ve even bought the green Pear Glacé from Victoria’s Secret in the past. But doesn’t Community Cosmetics’ products need to be housed in opaque containers to preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients and essential oils?



That’s a good point. Maybe colored lines on the bottle? Hopefully Community Cosmetics will become known as having zero unnatural colors, scents etc. Also, the colored product might just be a secondary bump up after purchase (“Hey, this minty stuff with aloe in it is really fresh and green, looks like the ingredients!”) Just a thought!


It definitely provides added protection. We’re experimenting with different types of bottles to better understand what works and what doesn’t.


I think colored products are sometimes fun but if a product works, then I don’t care what color it is.


I like color in a product if the ingredients are naturally those colors. I don’t think color should be added unnecessarily to skin and body care products. Like something that contains actual rose petals I would expect to be pink or red in color, but I something rose scented doesn’t really need to be rose colored just because.


I see some of our @newmembers have voted, but if you haven’t, would love to know what you think!


I’d rather keep ingredients to a minimum. Adding color, even naturally, is unnecessary.


The problem being that if you go as natural as possible, it will be hard to make colors noticable without artificial coloring, which isn’t natural.


I like color products becuase it makes the product more attractive or eye catching. Color can be from natural resources like citrus, orange, henna, cinnamon that will enhance the color and product quality.


Colored products for hair then highlights


i agree i like natural products


I prefer as natural as possible. Less color is better !!


Love color!I think it adds a lot to a product no matter what it is!


natural is always best