Poll: Colored products to highlight ingredients?


I would prefer all natural no regards to coloring added if it comes out the right color that’s one thing let’s not add additional things natural or not it may not always be possible to add natural coloring. I prefer sent to color.


Interesting discussion. Certain ingredients are natural. Color in a product is not an issue if that’s the case.


@Patricia_Holland You made a good point. I prefer natural scents in my skin care products.


Agreed. :slightly_smiling_face: I absolutely love henna. I purchase it for my hair.


I think that adding color can make it more visually appealing and I don’t have a problem with it; however, I’m also someone who tends to appreciate products that have a pleasant fragrance–which I know ISN’T appealing to a lot of people–so in general I appreciate products that produce some kind of overall sensory effect, appearance included.


I prefer original because it works just the same


I prefer natural ingredients because their a lot safer to use


I prefer natural products no matter what. I dont care one way or the other about color as long as what is used, say fruits or veggies to add color, is natural as well. Some have allergies to these things as well. That must be considered. I do agree with most that most people are scent driven. I would also say here that the ingredient used must be natural. But again allergies. As long as the product doesnt smell or look absolutely horrid with no scent or color than I am all for it.


Natural all the way for me. No more chemicals!


Keep it natural. No added color.


You know how scents enhance a flavor? For me, seeing the scent (such as an orange) enhances my expectations on how the product will smell.


I don’t mind if they are colored or not doesn’t matter to me as long as they work


I love all natural color products.


Natural products are the best for sure but there are other products that are not all natural that are good as well…it depends on your skin, needs, etc. But if I had to say i love the thought of using purple for lavender etc it sounds interesting!


The color of a product really doesn’t matter to me as long as it works like it’s supposed to that’s all that matters to me


I prefer natural ingredients


I am torn…I think natural is best but I Love color! And some colors arent ones that can be made with natural products…so …am in the middle on this…lol


If the color is organic to the product I don’t mind it. But the color does not make the product work. So color is not necessary.


What colors and scents do you have in mind? Natural colors may be a little hard to control. Are you thinking pale tint, intense color? Would the depth of color match the intensity of scent? :cat:


I just saw the email for the newest Derma e product which has some citrus in it. There was an orange design on the packaging and while I couldn’t tell you the name of the product, I can tell you I a. wanted to eat it b. could have sworn I could smell it! (through the computer?) I love the blue CC containers, but inside,there is definitely something to colors if they are natural and tasteful.:cat: