Poll: Do speciality eye creams work better than regular moisturizer?


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It’s a hotly debated topic for sure. Looking forward to seeing what results we uncover!


I replied yes… because they DO specifically work for me for a couple reasons. I have normal/combination skin on my face. But dehydration in the eye area. And I do think in general we should use a separate eye cream because the skin is different there then the rest of our face. Lack of sebaceous glands, more sensitive (so if you use glycolic acid in face products you would not use the same one on the eyes) The skin is thinner there. And of course the eyes being more sensitive, some standard facial products may burn. And in my case it is the only place I show fine lines. So I use speciality products focusing on that issue.
Of course it depends on the brand/type/etc of moisturizer. Some companies use marketing schemes and will label a cream for the eyes when it is the same or near identical to their facial cream and then charge additional…



I have always stuck with regular moisturizer but as I get older, I am realizing that it might not be enough. I cannot wait to see if I qualify for the Face-Off eye cream testing because I’m super curious to see if I’d see any changes!


i have used high end creams and the local drugstore and i say that drugstore works just as well if not better i think that people are paying for the pretty packaging and advertising


Wish it weren’t true, but eye creams seem to be the biggest part of the “not used much and less so” pile on the sink shoulder. Maybe I’ve never hit a good one and I’m curious to see what “Face Off” comes up with. The best for me has been the Derma E product, but it’s not a huge difference.:sunglasses:


I have always felt like a good moisturizer can work as eye cream for me at least.


I replied no because I think it may vary from person to person. Along with the eye cream’s specific treatment as well.


I believe specialty eye creams actually provide benefits above moisturizer. Everyone knows the skin around our eyes is different than the rest of the face. And this difference in skin weight, texture, strength, etc, results in a different set of issues than what may be going on on the rest of the face. Crows feet only develop on the outer eyes. Dark circles only develop under the eyes. Eye creams are specifically designed to combat the problems associated with the eyes. Face moisturizer is not.


I used moisturizer only, up until a few years ago, when I noticed the wrinkles around my eyes were getting more noticeable. Now, I use eye cream on a daily basis and I’ve had great success with it. I can’t wait to see the results of Face Off.


I replied no, but I’m really not sure. I haven’t tried many at all. I had one tiny foil packet sample of a L’Oreal one about a year ago, but it didn’t last long enough to really tell if it did anything. I have one from BalanceMe now and I like it, but I don’t know how much it’s really doing. I dropped it for a bit when I first had my skin issue because I didn’t know what was causing it. So I started using just moisturizer under my eyes and honestly, I think it may have worked better. BUT I think a big part of it is just that I’m still young and really don’t have many signs of aging just yet. It could also just be that I haven’t found the right one yet. Who knows!


I have tried many different brands, spent lots of $, used as directed and have never really found a brand that works well for me. I can’t wait to try everything.


I think it depends on the person and your issues.


I saw the advert right above the first comment… and I understand why docs don’t like us using eye creme is mostly because 9 times out of 10. we get some in our eyes and some of those eye creams are have some pretty heavy stuff in them. I do however think that everyone is libel for their own eyes :slight_smile: You must just be very careful, the way I see it.I said yes because the face and eyes are different types of skin and your skin has different texture and dryness or oiliness. I like Oil of Olay for moisture and for now, I use Clarins for the eye cream. Like many others have already said, I too think it really depends on the person. What works for one person may not work for the other.


I didnt know this information I have been using eye creams for along time now so It looks like I have wasted alot of money I guess I will be grabbing Moisturizer from now on


This is what Face-Off aims to prove or disprove.


Eye creams are generally specifically formulated to be safe for the area around your eyes and I’m not sure if all moisturizers have that same formulation. I would think so, but…


me to , Feona me to. Lots and lots of money.


Gosh I could just say Ditto to every body, I think the eye area is different the skin on he lid and right underneath is very transparent and fragile, i know in my 20s, i pulled my eye this way and that just to get and eyeliner just so right, no thought of being gentle of course asi got older I realized how gentle i need to be. and for me I use a different eye cream right now im using It eye cream im sure when i rung out i will look at allures top 10 list then my wallet and split the difference. I have heard you shouldn’t change skincare lines all the time, but i dont know who "They are " bur “they say” a lot hahhahaha but for me i think oh dang it this one brand has a great saying im my brain isn’t working but its “Love the skin your in” and still drawing a blank LOreal ? anyway, thats what i think we all should do love the skin and products your in if it works for you do it. oh wait actually i put aside my It cream for my own concoction of Vaseline, vitamin E ( I love squeezing out the gel hehehe) um olive oil and aloe Vera gel. why not. I did something similar to grow my lashes and IT WORKED !! so I really want to earn a spot as a CC. So thats a tough questions because as many people that have responded is correct, its like there is not a wrong or a correct answer thats what cool about polls. you get great info sorry for Being long winded and also since Im new i wanted to make sure people know my real name is MICHELLE THE LONG WINDER :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I think as you are you need special eye treatments. Personally, they seem to help me but I still haven’t found my perfect cream, gel or moisturizer yet.