Poll: What should your your Eye Cream do for you?


If I had to pick just one thing, my eye cream should…

  • Reduce Wrinkles, Firm & Plump Sagging Skin
  • Shrink Bags & Reduce Puffiness
  • Lighten & Brighten Dark Circles

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Depending on what your wanting to treat such as fine lines, dark circles, etc. Below are ingredients to look for in products, that will treat your specific problem. Hyaluronic acid (hydrates ), ceramides (retain moisture), retinol (promotes new cell growth or regeneration) and neuropeptides (increase the production of collagen and elastin production), vitamin C (collagen production), vitamin E ( nourishes and soothes skin).

Newer peptides and combinations of peptides and growth factors are continuously being formulated and introduced into the skinceutical market as we are up-regulating our skin’s own abilities to repair and renew itself. Other beneficial ingredients for benefits under the eye are vitamin K (inhibits bruising and diminishes dark pigment or cast due to broken down blood cells). Kojic acid, arnica, and hydroquinine, as well as licorice can diminish dark circles and lighten pigment under the eyes. Chamomile, tea extracts, and cucumber can help with puffiness.


I really wish it had a magic ingredient that you put it on at night and in the morning your areas of concern were severely diminished liked the sandman to bring us our dreams, but like the sandman thats not going to work. I think thats a ques im going to have to ponder, because depending on what we would like it to do everybody will have a different thought, I like Robyn135s very educational answer and i think as a whole, a lot of women are turning towards natures own huge untapped variety of natural organic ingredient like cucumber, Vitamin E, Lemon, Oranges, , essential oils, flower extracts like rose, and Chrysanthemum, just to name a tiny bit. So im off to bed,as I ponder on this one, im in Utah and its ahhh 3 am!!! so I need to get in bed . But i will think about that, and see all the interesting comments tomorrow night night…:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


I try to use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible, but unfortunately I grew up when you never heard of sunscreen, other environmental factors, and all the beneficial ways that would have spared me a few wrinkles.

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Oh, please, magically discover something that will banish the bags. I don’t need them to be genetic, I need them gone!:cat:


I choose to reduce wrinkles. Thankfully I don’t have under eye bags, but if I did, I’d probably use a vegetable to work it!


Ideally my eye cream would do all of the above. But I chose wrinkles, firming and plumping because I think those issues can cause someone to look older faster than the other issues. Concealer can be used to cover up dark circles, but makeup can accentuate wrinkles. Sagging under or upper lids gone too far usually requires surgery. So I think an eye cream designed to combat those issues would definitely help a lot of men and women.


I never seem to have problems with dark circles much, so definitely wrinkles and brightening. I always find it hard to wear concealer because they all just sink into the lines and make them 3 times more noticeable. I wish there was miracle cream lol.


A eye cream that targets dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, firms, and brightens would be ideal!!!


I would love for an eye cream to reduce darkness and wrinkles


Honestly, I would like to pick Reduce wrinkles, firm & plump sagging skin & Lighten and Brighten Dark circles. But if I can only choose one, I’ll pick Lighten and Brighten Dark Circles. I can cover them with lots of concealer but it would be great to get rid of them.


I know we have to get old but I still want to be attractive old. So I have tried so many eye creams. I appreciate all those incrediants to look for.


I’ve been struggling with dark circles no concealer actually cover and would love to find a product that resolves the issue.


My eye cream should work for what I bought it to work.But somethings are not good like this one


Definitely remove the dark circles and fine wrinkles


This was a hard choice since I think everyone deals with different issues. I personally struggle with dark circles and have never really suffered from puffiness (aside from when I cry). It would be nice to see a product that does all these things, or having products targeted to each area.


I don’t necessarily have WRINKLES but I feel like i have really annoying little fine lines and texture. I’ve tried a lot of different things but nothing really seems to help.


reduce darkness, brighten, get rid of wrinkles and crow’s feet, and plump sagging skin.


I have fine lines and crows feet starting to appear. I would love for those to fade!