Poll: What type of deodorant do you typically use?


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Which type of deodorant do you typically use?

  • Stick
  • Roll on
  • Spray
  • Paste
  • Gel

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Paste?? I had no idea that even existed.


I never heard of a paste one either! I used a gel one before, but it was so long ago I don’t really remember how I liked it. I’d like to try roll ons and sprays though!


@Sooz I’ve seen paste deodorants before but they just look messy; I don’t think I would ever use one.


Same! That’s interesting! I will have to look for one the next time I am at the store. I am curious about that lol :blush:


@Sooz @jesslosgar @Jessica_Nicole_Nowli


Paste is quite messy. I would be willing to use it if it works well, natural deodorant that works well is hard to come by. I use a spray from Jason that works awesome. I believe it is alcohol based.


I like alcohol-based spray deodorants, would you mind posting the link to the Jason one?

Here’s a commercial one from EO that I enjoy:


When I was younge and going through my hippie phase still am a little but I would go to music festivals and buy the all natural deodorants and face products they had crafted and they was something of the best products ever some can be found on the net I’ll post links soon


I LOVE using sprays. It seems to work much better for me. I won’t use a stick deodorant, because it always seems to leave white marks on whatever clothing I wear (and I wear a lot of black). It’s especially annoying for yoga, because often, you’re stacking other body parts into your armpits (like your knees for crow pose), and then you end up with a bunch of ugly deodorant stains on your leggings too. I’ll use a gel sometimes, but they don’t work as well for me!


This is my goto dry spray. If you use it properly, it works awesome. The scent grows on you but I think they sell it in rose also.



Paste… It sounds gooey and yucky!! Just what I want in my underarms… Lol


It makes me wonder does it remain “pastey” after its applied? Does it feel like wearing honey or syrup under your arms?:stuck_out_tongue:Does anyone know?


I’ve tried soooooo many. Currently using stick.


How to use Secret most of my life is my mom used it and I liked it very well. One time I bought the gel instead of the stick that I normally get. First time I used it I realized it was not for me it goes on sticky and stay sticky I had 2 wash it off with soap and water


I use all types of deodorant but lately I have been using dove dry spray because it works nicely. It lasts all day and smells great. It also does not leave a film or white marks on my clothes.


I mainly use stick but I tend to switch off to try different products…i am trying tom’s of maine lavender coconut deoderant


I’ve been using native, a friend of mine got it and had a code to give her friends for 25%off I actually really like it!!


In using tom maine too