Post it day Cheria Foggs


My favorite make up products are this rose gold palette by Huda Beauty. It’s a kit I won at a baby shower party. I have no idea what it costs but it’s a great gift and very pretty colors. I follow Huda on YouTube she gives great makeup advice and natural skincare tips. My other favorite is Cherimoya color changing mood lipstick. It never wears of its like a lip tint in beautiful shades of pink to bright almost red. It’s super cute on and it’s only a dollar at local beauty supply stores. I just ordered a 12 pack from Amazon. I almost never leave the house without it.


I love that color selection, especially that it has a mix of matte and shimmery! Lol also the 1% battery in your screenshot makes me so anxious.

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Yes I love the color selections as well…:joy::joy::joy: about my battery tooooo funny.