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I love all things BH Cosmetics. I find their eye shadows to be longlasting and very pigmented. They don’t have much fall off. I’ve worn this in warm environments and still had makeup when I’ve left the venue.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I used the BH blush for this look

This was before I left to a concert around 3 pm

to when I came home nearly 3 a.m.


Are these pics from when you first put it on, or at the end of the day?


yes the first one was before I left to a concert. The second was when I came home at the end of the night. I forgot to clarify that.

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WOW. I thought they were from the same 2-minute time span and that you kind of arbitrarily decided to post two photos hahaha. I have NEVER seen makeup that looks so untouched after an extended time period.


Are you in the tryit and other product testing fb groups by the way? I think I recognize you :x


Yes I am. I’m a part of a few of those groups.

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I will admit the foundation and eye shadows were from different brands but I still had blush on it was faint but still there after being in a hot venue.

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