Pregnancy Products


Hey everyone!My husband and I are going to start trying to have children in 6 months or so. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any gentle products for when I am pregnant. I have very dry, red skin (called keratois pilaris).Any advice would be helpful.


I have had issues with the “chicken skin” too!
Especially on my upper arms!
I found the only thing that made it seem to disappear is “Dry Brushing”.
If you are not familiar with dry brushing…it is AMAZING!


Sorry, I just don’t feel comfortable recommending you products when you are going to have a baby.I do wish you the very best…


This would be a time to go super-organic to avoid any possibility absorbing toxins.


I have Keratosis too! Though I’m not planning on being pregnant anytime soon, I’d love to hear what everyone else says about this. I’ve had it for years and it’s definitely gotten better over time, but recently exfoliating several days a week has immensely helped it. I guess finding a natural exfoliant would be good for you in this case! I feel the same as Marsha though, I don’t feel like I can recommend anything in particular because I really don’t know what can and can’t be used while pregnant.


Sorry I have no idea about this! I just wish you good luck and take care!


I wish you the very best. When I was pregnant, I always asked my doctor about any skin care and beauty related concerns I had. I’m sure they can give you a list of things you may want to avoid. I remember being sick with a cold once when I was pregnant, and the doctor told me to just take Tylenol and a couple tablespoons of honey to help with the cough. I know there are probably a lot of things your doctor may want you to avoid, so I would just ask him/her to be on the safe side.


i would talk to your doctor first, but, cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry sensitive skin or aveeno
active naturals skin relief moisturizing lotion for sensitive skin, are natural, fragrance free and for sensitive skin, which is what is good for babies skin, so should be okay to use, but like i said talk to your doctor first.


Best of Luck on your journey into motherhood!
I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t have much personal experience with skincare during pregnancy but here’s a list I found
of things to avoid in cosmetics during pregnancy.
I have a suspicion that these ingredients may also be on the big master list of no-nos that John posted. also hear a lot about avoiding saunas or hot tubs during pregnancy, that may be something to consider with your skincare routine, if you use hot water on your face.
That’s just a speculation though, your face is a good distance away from your uterus.

Given that a fetus is more susceptible to breaches in their immune system, you might want to make sure you’re being extra clean with your skincare routine i.e. not sharing chapstick, cleaning your makeup brushes, putting caps on all the products you keep in your bathroom.


When my skin started stretching while pregnant it was always itchy!
I always heard to use cocoa butter but I made a simple body scrub from coconut oil and eucalyptus bath salts.
I used it in the shower and it worked so well I never needed to use lotion!


I don’t know good luck.


I would talk to your ob/gyn since he/she would be the best person to give you advice on pregnancy safe products especially when there might
be medications that might be adverse to the baby. Good luck and congrats on your new bundle of joy.


Use palmers cream on your body its super hydrating and moisturizing


I would think something natural would be best, but that is really a better question for your doctor.



I used a lot of natural oils on my skin to help the stretching and itching. Usually it was coconut oil or kukui nut oil.


I’m going to need to look into this. I’ve used body exfoliators and those have worked sometimes.


Yeah, I’ve already researched some shampoos and conditioners. Next month I’ll be changing my menstrual products too. The good thing is I’ve got time to find out what organic products work best for me. :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t have any helpful advice, but congratulations and good luck!


Dry brushing is great for many reasons…I have been looking into it and lots of people dry brush during pregnancy.
Just google dry brushing during pregnancy, also google dry brushing for KP and you will be amazed at people’s results!

I love that it’s a natural approach! No products!
(Except the brush…look for a natural bristle brush…you can score one for $5-$10)



Although I don’t have your skin condition, I noticed than when I lived in Connecticut I noticed my family
was suffering from extremely dry skin, especially my son. No lotions, creams, etc. worked. The culprit: the water! We invested in filtered water shower heads and it made all the difference in the world!