Price vs. Quality


Do you guys think that if a product is expensive (skincare, cosmetics, etc) that it would also be more effective compared to cheaper products?

Do you think that cheaper products are not effective?

Share your experiences. :slight_smile:


In my experience, I have found that some more expensive brands work as good or better than the cheaper ones and vice versa. I think its more to do with your skin type and needs and the type of regimen you complete. I use a mixture of both expensive and inexpensive in my routine. I have a particular product, Avon Anew Platinum Firm and Sculpt Cream that retails for $38, that I use morning and evening as a targeted cream for my neck and chest. This has been the best product for me that has visible results in reducing a sagging jaw line. In my same routine, I use the Freeman Cleansing Clay Mask that retails for $3.50, that I use as an exfoliator and as a cleanser. I am one to use many different products from both ends of the price spectrum so in my experiences it has typically been just a matter of what products that you find that work the best for your needs.


I think it may depend on the condition of your skin and the usage of the product. But I found that some expensive products don’t work as well as cheaper ones and vice versa.


I agree with @emiley_smith that the results of a an expensive product vs an inexpensive product depends on the individual’s skin. I worked in the cosmetic industry and there were coworkers and customers that swore by the effectiveness of some very expensive products. And there was one coworker in particular that I could always tell when she had used a particular Estée Lauder face serum because her face literally looked years younger. On the other hand, there have been expensive, professional products I and others have tried that did diddly-squat, while their inexpensive counterparts gave noticeable results. My sister mother and I can use the same products, expensive or inexpensive, but receive very different results.


Often it is, often it isn’t.

Often they are, often they aren’t.

I apologize for the flippant sounding reply. The array of products on the market today is mind boggling. I’ve said this before, but finding the right skincare products really is like dating, you’ve got to kiss a bunch of frogs before finding your prince. But when it comes to skincare, you’ve got washes, moisturizers, serums, exfoliants, etc. and finding the right fit for you means they might not all come from the same manufacturer, which amplifies the frog-kissing matrix :exploding_head:.

You could spend a lifetime and a fortune testing every product on the market and still never know what to buy.

What to do?

I think a fun and immensely helpful project would be to crowd-source a list of products tested by our community with the goal of recommending certain products in given price ranges. For example, the best hydrating facial masks under $15. Best eye cream between $20 - $40. The actual product types and price ranges we can figure out later, but I’m making two points here:

  1. You probably need to identify a budget for your item(s) and stick to it. You just can’t test every moisturizer on the market against every other moisturizer to figure out what is best, the matrix is too big. So to answer your question, we’ll never know. But we can get close if we pick a budget and evaluate products in that budget.
  2. I would rely on information produced by our community far more than some beauty blog or random influencer.

A community-driven crowd-sourced approach would help to mitigate outside influence by using the “wisdom of crowds” to minimize the effect of anyone being paid off for their 5 star review, as it would be from people you’ve come to know in the community banding together to help arrive at discovering products that work. It’s similar to what we’re already doing with our Co-Creators, only with other manufacturers’ products.

If this idea gets enough interest from our community, we’ll find a way to put it into action.

5 star beauty product review warning

@John I love this idea. We’ve all shared so much and learned just the same as a community and I myself have been able to seek out products and try them based on recommendations and experiences from other members. Having this opportunity not only raises awareness but gives each of us honest and more trust worthy “opinions” on what works and what hasn’t thus far. Excellent :bulb:


Personally I am a bit overwhelmed and a bit intimidated with the amount of brands and variety of products out there. I am so thankful to have this new community to provide advice and personal experiences so that I can make the best decisions for myself.

And similarly to what other members have said, I have noticed that it all depends on the person re: price vs quality. A product that worked well for a friend of mine didn’t provide any results for me!


Nah! A very expensive product might or might not be better, depends on the quality of the individual ingredients, more complicated processing or you might be paying for gorgeous packaging that’s going nowhere near your body (in which case, I hope it’s reusable in some way.) Of course, that brings up products like the infamous gold. Definitely going to cost more, but not likely to contribute anything to the efficacy of the product. On the other hand, check out some of the suggestions scattered throughout this site for items you probably have in your pantry. They may have been used for hundreds/thousands of years, still work and in many cases you’re sharing your budget and shelf real estate with edibles. Pretty, luxurious, scented, is fun, but it’s not necessarily superior, sometimes not as good as.


I had thought for a long time higher price meant better quality and I just can’t spend $20 on shampoo or $50 on some face moisturizer. Also, I am very slowly starting to learn about ingredients like preservatives, fragrance and stuff like that. What’s good for bad and some high priced products don’t really seem to have super good ingredients. But again as others have said a lot can depend on each individual person and what works for them. For me personally right now I have found face care products to be cheaper and better quality for korean brands. So I’ve been trying a lot of them and spending more than I ever have before - not that they are super high priced I’m just buying a good variety to see what works for me.

And these days some people have allergies to all sorts of different things so that will also play a role. My daughter has an allergy to many things including aloe vera and a lot of fruits/veggies so now I am checking ingredients in all sorts of things like lotions, toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, etc. Aloe and fruit extracts are in a lot of these products, but some of the fruit extracts she does fine with. So definitely a learning process and being patient.


I am still fairly new to learning about all of this myself. I haven’t noticed a difference in expensive vs inexpensive moisturizers. Maybe I need to use them longer, or something else. I figure if it is something I like, then the price isn’t as important.


No I don’t believe so if product is expensive it would be great. I think quality and price are two different things. Sometimes prices are low but quality of the product is high.


I think it varies, depending on the brand, the ingredients, the resources, etc. Like if you ever watch those high-end vs drugstore videos, you can see there are dupes for almost anything that work just as good, sometimes even better. I think there are definitely products that you “get what you pay for”, but with more expensive products I think most of the time you are paying for the hype/brand name and not the actual effectiveness. Like, with eye shadow palettes for example, for years all ive ever mostly heard about is tarte this, urban decay that, and they are nice, but upwards of $40-60, whereas for <$20 i can buy Juvia’s and they are some of the most pigmented and varied colors i have ever seen.


Every “expensive” product to me has worked pretty well except for makeup. I’ve found that some brands like Nars and Two Faced doesn’t work as well on my skin compared to Clinique. I like trying new products but lately I’ve been sticking to drugstore products because I get bored of products easily.

When comparing dollar store and drug store products I’d much rather use drug store ones. I have to admit though that when it comes to lip glosses I prefer the more expensive ones like Buxom.


That’s definitely how I always think it’s going to be, and sometimes that’s the case. But I’ve found that usually cheaper products can work just the same if not better! It really depends on the brand and type of product though. For eyeshadow, I prefer brands like Tarte and Morphe over L’Oreal and Maybelline because I feel like the quality is immensely better. But for foundation, I’ve had great (and terrible lol) experiences with cheap and expensive brands, so it can really go either way for me.
For skincare, I really love my $5 CeraVe facial moisturizer more than any higher end one I’ve tried. I’ve only used samples of more expensive ones because of Birchbox, but none of them have made me want to buy the full size. I think the brand and their ingredients are what really make the difference. Overall, I don’t think cheap necessarily means ineffective or vice versa! It definitely varies.


I go with what works for me regardless of price.


Let’s get it going! :cat:


I think different products work differently for different people. I know some people swear by more expensive stuff, but if their needs are different from someone else it may not work for another quite as well. I have seen some products, take Suave for example, create products that work just as well as salon brands. Same with store brand products vs. famous brand names. Cheaper doesn’t always mean it won’t work or be as effective.


How I tend to visualize most ultra high-end products. There’s a point where the benefits become de minimis and cost just continues to increase.



I’ve often wondered what justifies a company selling products for stupidly outrageous prices.


Omg this is such a neat idea! Thank you for the great response! I didnt think that you’d actually have to “date” to know the product that works for you lol.