Price vs. Quality


That was so shocking I double-checked Amazon. They have something very similar for $200… still very pricey. I’ve seen outrageous pricing on amazon before when products are out of inventory, I wonder if that’s the same strategy here?


They probably know some people will buy it because we’re obsessed with the fountain of youth and some will pay it. Would be fun to test and see if it’s any good though, wouldn’t it?


My mouth actually fell open when I saw the price!:hushed:And there were several other products that were ridiculously priced. I’ve wondered why some products on Amazon were so pricey, you’ve answered that for me. So it seems like some retailers on Amazon and possibly other retailers take advantage of customers that want a certain product that’s no longer going to be manufactured. I would think there would be laws against that. It reminds me of when hotel proprietors inhumanely took advantage of Hurricane Harvey victims by raising the price of their rooms. Not cool.


There are a few products on the pricier end that I actually think are worth splurging on, but there are very few. They have to be the holy-grail of skincare products. If you take the time to compare ingredients you can usually find a cost-effective alternative.


I believe you’re right. But what a shame and scam to purchase a $1000 or $200 product to get little to no results. Bummer. Sure, it would be fun to test them, and write truthful reviews about them!


I think that inexpensive items work just as well


I am a product tester for several healthy skincare companies. Inexpensive at that. I worked for Estee Lauder for a long time. Thw beginning of my beauty career. But over time and research Lauder has some bad ingredients with good ingredients. And pricey. But the bad ingredients are bad. So slowly I weaned myself from unhealthy, expensive brand name beauty product s. Just becauae of their name or price does not mean they are healthy for your skin.


I have used this cream. There are some harmful ingredients in it. And I have used even better than this. A good retin a puts this cream to shame.


I have also used this cream. I know better. It is not worth the price. The ingredients are not all that great. A good vitamin c sleep pack cream or a prickly pear day cream are way better. Dont get me wrong I still wear Estees makeup but I wish they would clean up their skincare. Propylene gylcol is not good for the skin. And there are more dirty ingredients in their skincare. I would pay 1100 for some in house treatments at a esthiticians office instead.


Hi Tiffany, your link didn’t come through, for the cream you are talking about, try again?


@John I really think that they just put a price tag just because of the brand name. I doubt that it costs them $1000s to make a product when they put that price for an item.


Probably some Research & Development costs, advertising, etc. but yeah, mostly status I would think.


i have seen amazon over price products, for example suave costs $15-$20 on amazon when you can get it for 1-3 dollars everywhere else. but as far as something being more effective that costs more, i have found a lot of the cheaper versions such as oil of olay have worked better, and i have also tried generic versions that only costs around $5 that worked the same. i have to agree that is must have something to do with your skin. it is just something that you have to shop around for and find what product you feel works best for your skin.


I think it really depends on your skin and what products you want or need. I agree with others that said there are too many products to choose from. Ever since the internet took off after 1999, new skincare companies have cropped up like mad. I use a mix cheap stuff and moderately priced products. Retinol and Vitamin C products have been proven to be effective. I have one Rx retinoid product and I use some vitamin c ones too.


I think this is a great idea! I have a few “holy grail” skin care products that I would love to tell people about. I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to skin care products that I’ve tried and they actually work! :slight_smile:
And vice versa…I would enjoy reading others experiences on what worked for them and what didn’t depending on a certain price range.


@emgie Yes, it has been said that many times you are paying more for packaging. Sometimes you are getting the exact same product as a cheaper brand but paying more for the packaging.


I love this idea! The amount of products out there in all price ranges is intimidating. I’ve enjoyed getting samples, whether it be from a company or something like Ipsy or Sephora Play, but there are just so many options and it can be hard to tell what’s actually working.
I also like this idea because I think we can get a better idea of products that really do work, like you said no paid-off reviews. It’s so hard to know what people actually like and what people are being paid to like with all of the money being made by social influencers on Youtube and such.


I feel like sometimes higher priced items are better quality but I have tried many cheaper items that work just as well so I wouldn’t group them together as higher priced means better and lower means worse its something that goes product to product.


i am a bargain shopper, and most of the time i can find cheaper products that work just as great as the more expensive ones, other times i wait for the expensive ones to go on sale. but most of these new products at one point didn’t exist, and we got a long fine with witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, vasoline, and dial bar soap. i have used vasoline for hair oil and shaving cream for mousse and they worked great. witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, calamine lotion, and dial bar soap kept my skin clean and clear. all of these are less then a dollar at most places. i guess you have to ask is it a brand name you are looking for when you ask price vs. quality. because a lot of these products nobody uses anymore because of the new brand name products that are on the market today, worked perfect and still do. they might not have the scents but they have multiple uses and are great quality.


i almost forgot as for shampoo and conditioner pert plus is still the best i have used, and they have even improved it to add deeper conditioning. however vo5 still is not all that great, but suave has improved their quality and the price is pretty great. i used to love white rain, but i guess they stopped making that. for awhile white rain was, what, like 85 cents at walmart?