Products I have tried in past-good and bad




How did the work?
Did you see any difference


I tried this (sorry I couldn’t find the picture of the sample pack) and I wasn’t thrilled with it. It was a bit oily. A few other people had the same result.


How was the La Mer product. I gave the sample to my mom. She didn’t seem to be impressed with it.


It was a very small sample but it is still very pricey. All of their products are high end and expensive but I did love the cooling effect and the easy way it spreads. I wanna say I did see a small difference. This product was a sample but i could tell a little difference in puffiness around the eyes.


I had seen that La Mar released a $125 compact. I think that’s a big out there if you ask me but I assume if someone is willing to buy it they will make it.


Every single product they make is super expensive. From what I understand they use alot of natural ingredients like seaweed and every person I know that can actually afford this stuff swears by it. I’ve not heard anything bad…just prices but nothing negative about products.