Products with Sunscreen


I have been diligently searching for skincare and beauty products that contain sunscreen. The problem I have is I am a combination skin type and summer is oily for me. I am beginning to see that my current moisturizers are causing my skin to become excessively oily when out in the heat so I’m on the hunt for good moisturizers and foundations that contain sunscreen that is lightweight and won’t cause any excess oilyness. What products do you use containing sunscreen and what SPF do you prefer in them?


neutrogena oil free spf15


I have the same issue!
I’m not sure if there is a product out there that will help me in these warmer/HOT months.
I seem to sweat everything off!


My face also gets a tad oily during the summer. You would think just the opposite with the heat, exposure to sun, etc. Anyway, I use Jafra’s Royal Jelly moisturizer because it contains sunscreen. Then I wear Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation &amp: I choose the combination to oily formula. It’s a perfect coverage for me &amp: also has sunscreen. The foundation lasts all day long without feeling heavy.


I wish there were more reasonably affordable body moisturizers w at least SPF 25.
There are plenty of face moisturizers as such. I think ppl would be more diligent about using sunscreen that way, including myself.


I tend to layer spf. I like to have a traditional spf and then have spf in my foundation as well. I use a facial spf that is oil free from coppertone and it is an spf of 50.


I used to wear makeup with sunscreen in it. Now I just wear plain sunscreen.


I have really oily skin. I wear Drunk Elephant sunscreen with a a drop of my Cover Girl Clean matte BB cream. Follow up some loose mineral powder and setting spray. Stays all day.


I have mature skin and more on the dry side so I really can’t recommend a formula or a brand that would help you.
So sorry.


I use Mizon bb cream multifunction formula snail repair blemish balm SPF 32.
I have oily skin and I use this instead of foundation because it blends better on top of my serums and moisturizers.
Sometimes I apply a powder on top to set it, but even if I don’t, my skin doesn’t feel greasy or oily at all and I got it on sale on Amazon for $6.


I really like Dr Dennis Gross’ Dark Spot Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It has no chemical filters.


I do like the Jaffra royal Jelly line!


i can only use products with sunscreen so long. I don’t know if it’s the formula or the product interaction but after a while, it makes me itchy.
So i use sunscreen separately.


RoC had some good products for sensitive and combination skin. I’m currently using their mineral moisturizer with 30 spf. Makes my face feel silky and I have no issues with break outs.


I am absolutely obsessed wIth Lancome products for this purpose! I use the Lancome Skin Feels Good Foundation, and it’s been amazing. The SPF isn’t quite as high as I normally like, but it’s better than nothing… As I was putting it on today, my boyfriend asked, “Doesn’t makeup just melt off in this heat?” This one doesn’t! I sometimes layer it with the Lancome Renegerie Lift Multi-Action Firming and Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer, which has a higher SPF. Full disclosure, I received these for free, but I have no personal gain for promoting them here: I just genuinely love these products in every way (except maybe the price!).


No idea, but it probably depends, to a certain degree, on how often you actually get to spend time outside.


I have the same problem with excessively oily skin during the summer. These are some great suggestions that I’ll be trying too


I have somewhat dry combo skin, I get a little oily in my t-zone and dry around my mouth and chin. I’m a little less dry in the summer though. I don’t really have the problem with my makeup melting off in the summer, but I do prefer wearing a foundation with an SPF. In the summer months, I enjoy using the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. The coverage is really nice and buildable and it feels really light on my skin, it feels like wearing a light moisturizer and looks quite natural. Tarte products are also cruelty free, which is a plus. It cosmetics cc cream is also really good, especially if you want more of a full coverage. This one has an SPF of 50 and it stays on all day, for me anyway.



I was using the Supergoop Serum Sunscreen for a while and liked it! It’s lightweight and sinks in nicely and has SPF 30. I felt like foundation/bb and cc creams still sat nicely over it. It also wasn’t greasy, so it should be good for oily skin!



I find that there are a lot of spf 15 face sunscreens that feel great, but if I try to get a higher spf, like 30 or above, it tends to be a greasier formulation or take longer to absorb.
My favorite was a Korean brand.