🗞 Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, and Bags: Dermatologists Explain the Difference



Very interesting information. I’ve had a variation of dark circles for as long as I can remember. I say variation because they’re not always really dark. My mother says I developed them as a child from allergies. But what’s interesting is that my son has always had a variation of them as well. Inherited from me?


I am fortunate not to struggle with most of these issues. Occasionally I get puffiness from lack of sleep, a long bout of crying or pure exhaustion or fatigue. I’ve found cool cukecumbers or cool tea bags to be effective. Although I don’t struggle with dark circles, I understand Vitamin K can help, but have no personal experience. A yellow neutralizing concealer, with your standard concealer over it can make them visually disappear altogether with proper technique though…


Side note regarding camaflauging neutralizing colors can help with multiple conditions… green concealer will neutralize excessive redness. Purple can help swallow tone such as anemia or those undergoing chemo…


Great info! The older I get the more I notice my dark circles, especially when I’m not getting enough sleep. I always thought just moisturizing would help, not realizing that hyaluronic acid was an important ingredient.