Question of the Week - What beauty/skin care issue are you most concerned about?

Hello and happy monday guys!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

This week’s question is What beauty/skin care issue are you most concerned about?

When I was young I was in the sun a ton (actually, I still am) so I worry most about sun damage to my skin as I get older.

What worries you the most?


My skin issue is acne! I thought the older I get the less I would have to deal with! But that’s not the case! It’s not as bad as when I was in my Teen years but they still do annoy me when they pop up in all their glory especially before and during my monthly!

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My biggest skincare issue is acne and uneven skin tone. I have always suffered from this.

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It has definitely changed for me over the years. My biggest concerns now are wrinkles and dark spots. I try using different products for both but so far haven’t found anything that has given me great results.

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I would be most concerned about the scarring from my teen years of acne.I also have noticeable enlarged pores that I would somehow like to reduce.

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My biggest skin issue to date is uneven skin tone, hormonal induced melasma. I knew that getting older would cause hormonal fluctuations, but I had to do research to discover that the dark, blotchy areas were a by product of those hormonal changes.

Strangely, melasma is very common in pregnancy, but I never experienced any skin problems during pregnancy.

At home chemical skin peels have helped to a degree, but I would love to have my even toned complexion return.

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I’m most concerned about aging gracefully. I know that a few wrinkles are eventually going to pop in, but I do everything I can to make sure that I prolong them as much as possible. I always wear sunscreen (SPF50 ALWAYS!) and a hat when I know I’ll be out on the sun. I’ve also become an ingredient reader and stay away from silicones, dimethicones, parabens, and sulfates as much as possible.

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I worry about either wrinkles or sagging skin. I mean I know that everyone goes through that when they’re old, but it still is a concern of mine. The fine lines that I already have, are ok I guess, but I wouldn’t want too many of them.

Acne. Even at 44 (almost 45) I get horrible acne on my chin and it has left scars. I hate it!

My greatest concern is melasma. I developed some patches about 7 years ago and they don’t go away or get lighter. I don’t lay out in the sun, actually I try to avoid the sun as much as possible. I wish that I could make them go away or at least be less noticeable. I also had some skin sagging around my mouth. I would like to prevent it from getting worse.

My biggest concern is how quickly and easily my skin gets dry, flaky, and bumpy if I’m not being 100% perfect and vigilant about my diet, hydration, electrolytes, spf, skincare routine, shower temp, etc.

My biggest concern is dryness, and the enlargement of my pores in my Tzone. I was blessed with clear skin all my life with rarely any bumps, but now it has become my curse.

I am noticing all kinds of eruptions on my face! And really dry and oily all at once! What can I do?

I’d start with a dermatologist. Even if it’s a $60 copay, that’s probably cheaper in the long run than having to do lots of trial and error to find a good skin product regimen. I had skin issues similar to yours right when I finished college and I spent so much money trying every product I could find. I finally went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me an antibiotic for 6 months that cost $1.85 per fill, and fully solved the issue :joy: