Question of the week! What do you wish would go away from your life?


Hello and happy Monday to you all! I wanted to start this week off by asking you to turn inward and reflect on something that might be sort of tough to think about.

Today’s question is - What is one thing that you wish would go away in your life?

We all have struggles and trials and tribulations, and we all have that one BIG ONE that - if it just disappeared - would make life a lot easier.

The intention here is not to be negative, it’s more to allow you all to get something off of your chest, and then to come together to support each other on it. Let’s keep our comments positive and helpful to one another, as we all have a lot of comfort we can provide.

I’ll start – mine is my black mold poisoning. I’ve been dealing with symptoms for 3 years now, and treating it for 2. I still can’t get weight off and it’s concerning me that this inflammation and chronic stress on my body will lead to long term issues. My doctor has warned me about cancer, infertility, parkinson’s and alzheimer’s being potential outcomes of this poisoning and I just wish I could remove it from my life completely.

I hope this helps you get something off of your chest and lightens you for the day. Sending you all so much love! <3


I wish we could do away with medical hurdles… I have severe back problems but I cant get treatment, even being federally disabled, because the copayments are too high and I cant afford to do the “run around game” again. I saw multiple doctors and none would provide me with xrays or even the slightest medical advice… they just wanted to send me off to the next guy, but not before they collected their fee. I wish everyone got the same high standard of care regardless of income disparities… maybe I’m saying we should do away with disparities lol.


I’m so sorry your going through such a difficult crisis. I hope you find reassurance in God (I’m a woman of faith) and pray! Never giving up! And stay strong! Most of all live happy and enjoy life!

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This is a heavy one @Melissa_Levick and I’m not ready to unburden! I always say I think I need to write a book about my life! Because I’ve lived! I’ve experienced and I have a lot of pain and few regrets.


I could write a book! I contracted HCV from a sick patient, who threw up blood on me. I didn’t have symptoms for a few years because the virus is clever and-is dormant for awhile.I went through many treatments but by the time I was able to clear it, the virus had caused an enormous amount of inflammation and left me with cirrhosis, and I am a non drinker.
It reeked havoc on my immune system and also caused RA, diabetes 2, Lupus, and more. I miss the energetic person that I was!
During all of this, I lost my son (suicide), my husband (MVA)My sister(bladder cancer)and my mother(colon cancer).
I am glad to be able to vent and release all of those emotions! I’m tired of carrying those feelings around everyday.


I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Do you have a diagnosis yet? I suffered with back issues and had to have a fusion of C spine and L spine. Have you seen a neurosurgeon? I got tired of playing games and sought out a specialist to get something done. Good luck!


I would have to say my debt, such as like old hospital bills and such! Not paying old bills has given me bad credit now, and I really want to try to correct it to make my credit better!

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How did they diagnose you? Did you have a bronchoscopy done? I have MAC disease of the lungs but can’t be treated because of my liver. Don’t give up. Medical research has come a long way and a cure may be on the horizon. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Prayers sure have helped me!


I’m really sorry you’re dealing with that!

For me, it would be past childhood trauma. A lot of times I will sit and think about all the ways it changed me and contributed to decisions I made. It’s something that weighs on me often. I often feel like, if it hadn’t of happened, things would have been different.

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Look up PAF , patient assistance foundation, and PAN patient assistance network. They may be able to help you.


Mine is pretty simple… My ex can go away, but somehow he just doesn’t want to. It’s been years (we are talking over 10+ now) and he keeps rearing his ugly head all up in my business. I don’t call him, I don’t see him, I have him blocked everywhere but somehow he still manages to weasel his 2 cents into my life through mutual acquaintances or by creating outlandish situations to try to coax a rise out of me. He just won’t get the hint.

As for everything else, I lived it an survived and it’s made me who I am so I wish to keep that pain as it’s a reminder everyday that I am strong.

Sorry for everything that everyone is going through and thanks for trusting us enough to share it.

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It has been a difficult journey, just reading it I can tell how mentally strong you are to carry with all that.
Sometimes we think time will help to heal but is difficult.
I admire you, stay strong :smiley:

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The only thing I really want away of my life are bunions, I got them since I am a child and sincerely I do not like them, are painful and every summer is a reminder that they are there.
I have tried to correct them many and different times but they wont go away.
It is very annoying that people keep asking why I have my feet like that and when I was younger I use to feel bad, now I do not really care about people comments but still there. :cold_sweat::fearful:


I wish my anxiety would go away forever. It was so frilendly and outgoing back then.


Thank you for your kind words. It has been a difficult path but I have to keep going. I try to help bereaved parents, survivors of suicide, and troubled teens. I come across so many everyday and if my story can save one person, it won’t be in vain.
Life is very difficult, but we must keep going.

Thank you again!


So sorry for your lost😢I’ll keep you in my prayers🙏

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Mine would have to my condition.I had two herniated disc.My C6 and C7 removed and replaced and year and half ago.I also have arthritis on my neck and bone spurs.I have my good days as well as my bad days.I pray every day for all this pain to go away forever😢


Thank you for you kind words! I had my C spine fused so I know how you feel. I also had a Lumbar fusion. I opted for a pain pump and it gets refilled every four months. No sedated feeling and it keeps my pain under control. Ask your doctor about it. I don’t take any pain pills now. Prayers!

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Stresses, its not a hard one to figure out, Thats one that gets us all and even though i am a health professional we still get overly stressed out.


I wish for heart break to go away in my life. My heart aches because I’m not in contact with my father and my family anymore due to an unnecessary falling out we had. I haven’t talked to my Dad in almost 5 years and he turned the whole family against me. It really bothers me at times but I just keep pushing.