Question of the week! - What does Community mean to you?


Hello my beautiful CommCos community! Happy Monday to you all!

If you saw the video I posted on Saturday, you know that we’re kicking off an exciting new series of posts every week - and Mondays will be the question of the week!

I will be posting a thought provoking question every Monday for us all to chime in on. I’d love your thoughts, your questions, your insights. And if you have some questions you’d like to pose to the community, by all means go for it!

So, here’s our first question: What does Community mean to you?

The literal definition is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Do you think that accurately describes it?

What roles do communities play in your life? What role does this community play in your life? Reflect on the different groups of people who serve as your community and I’d love to hear what they really mean to you!

:sparkles: Happy Monday to my CommCos Community! :sparkles:


I do think the definition accurately describes it! I definitely think of community as a group of people exchanging ideas and getting different viewpoints on if not one specific thing then a variety of topics.


Community to me means people that are part of a group and help one another.


Community to me means people who live near each other or are around echother often who look out for each other, who help when needed, care and are giving and helpful when needed

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Community means teamwork, support and sharing. But I thing there is a huge list of meanings but for me those are the most important, otherwise it cannot be called community. We have to cooperate with each other, as long as we can.

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The definition of Community to me means a group with the same interests and ideas as you … who will help one another


To me a community is built from a group of diverse individuals who come together with their own unique contributions to help build a stable and supportive foundation that brings us together for a greater good. I don’t think everyone has to be like minded or even strive towards a common goal, just contributing.
Thank you for a allowing me to be a part of and contribute to this community. I have not yet received my products but will still contribute where I can.


Community for me is extremely important. It always has been. I think mostly watching out for each other, helping each other, learning from each other is what community is to me. What a better way to live a life with outside influences that is Beneficial.


Community means a group, small or large, that help each other.


I agree with that definition. Community for me is a gathering of people who share a common interest, and have the ability to work together and make their space better for everyone. This community is seeking to help all alleviate a common condition that we, and many others share. Dark circles are an issue fornus all and together we are trying to figure out a way to rid ourselves of them. In real life we don’t have much of a community. I’m my Dad’s unpaid caregiver since he has severe Dementia and I’m raising my niece. We live on a tiny fixed income so we don’t get out much. We rarely have company past healthcare workers coming for my Dad. I have to say our little family is my community and I’m just trying to make sure it survives.

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Community to me means a group of people who are united by common goals, ideas etc. Where one can go for support.


A unit or a set of people that comes to gether to function as one. I live in a house of 17 people. Me, my husband and our 6 children, my sisters and their children and my aunts and grandma. Everybody plays a part but together we are one. We take care of our neighborhood, we do for the less fortunate and we love the kids…


Community to me is having a group of people that all have a common interest or goal in a subject. This community is for people who want to learn about and try beauty products that will benefit each person. We cab share our experiences,tips,ans thoughts with the leaders and other members here.

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To me a community is a group of people who share common goals and interests, but also, a place where you could feel safe. I’ve always felt that ‘my communities’ were a place that I knew I could rely and count on people to share my experiences in a judgement free zone. It has always been amazing to me that you could be a part of a community and never necessarily meet those people; yet there can be so much positivity and joy that is spread!

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I agree with you that contribution is the key!


To me this group is a place where I can learn and share ideals and knowledge. I enjoy the positive comments on here as well, no one trying to belittle anyone in what they make know or thing they know about certain products or what they do. I hope to find out as much info as i can and share what I may know. So far it’s been really positive and inclusive.


My products still have not arrived :frowning:


Aside of just being your neighborhood, school or church, to me community is that place (whether physical or online) where you can sense that fellowship. Is where you probably share likes and interests with others, where you learn about what surrounds you. Community can help you reach your goals thru having others that might share common interests with you.


To me, the word ‘community’ has my answer in it. “Unity”. To me community is about people who unite and can make anything happen. Everyone comes together and helps one another to accomplish many different goals, they look out for one another and care as though they are family.


Community means a unit of people who shares common goals and interests. With that being said I find comfort In knowing that I can be open about the things I like, among persons who also shares said interests. And that’s why I joined this community! It’s a place where beauty lovers can share information, insights and experience in the never ending quest to feel and look healthy.