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Welcome @CC_Deodorant_01 let’s go make some natural deodorant!

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If you haven’t already, be sure to cast your vote for your preferred active natural deodorant ingredient Poll: Vote for your favorite Natural Deodorant Active Ingredient

OK, now that the prerequisites are out of the way, tell us about your requirements:

Have you tried any natural deodorants and what has been your experience?

I’d like to spark a little friendly debate around the choice of baking soda as an active ingredient. Almost everyone uses stick deodorant and subsequently chose baking soda as their desired active ingredient. I found this interesting because baking soda absorbs odor, it doesn’t kill bacteria which causes odor, and it also has a pH which can irritate the skin with continued use.

Did you choose baking soda because you’re accustomed to stick deodorants and felt this would be similar? Have you used natural deodorants before with baking soda and found it to be effective?

I’m partial to my alcohol-based spray at the moment, very curious about the overwhelming support for baking soda.

Deodorant Questionnaire Results


I do not use sticks at all am one to steer clear of baking soda. I found a Canadian company recently that sells natural products, upon which I found a dual purpose body powder/dry shampoo and the closest to powder it uses is corn starch. It does not contain talc but I did read iron oxides on the label.


Using alcohol under my arms after shaving sounds painful, but I understand the need to kill bacteria in order to control odor.

I like an invisible solid that feels slightly moisturizing, so it feels soothing and nourishing. I would like something like that which also helps keep me dry because I live in a very humid hot area.


I voted for mineral salt just because I have never used a natural deodorant before and am used to the products containing aluminum so I though this would be my baby step in switching over. I like the idea of alcohol since it is “the most effective anti-bacterial” listed. I don’t use essential oils just because I have a sick cat and most essential oils are bad for cats period and I don’t want to accidentally transfer something toxic to her when she is already compromised. This is why I don’t use an oil diffuser or fragrance unless I apply it outside of the house and will be away for several hours. I really like a spray or stick rather than a paste that needs to be applied with fingers.


Regardless of the type of deodorant, I always wait a few hours after shaving before applying it so the microcuts have time to heal some.


OK this makes sense. For science sake, I may have to shave it and use my alcohol spray to see if I experience any burning.


“5 Pro Tips For Your Armpits”

“Applying deodorant directly after shaving can be irritating. Try waiting 10 minutes before putting on deodorant, or shave before bed and give the skin a break overnight.”


I’ve tried a few. I’ve tried baking soda based ones but I don’t think they are very compatible with my chemistry. Tha’s a nice way of saying I end up stinking at the end of the day.:laughing::laughing:
I usually have tried stick products. I have found one that works so far. I ended up trying a men’s brand that seems to be doing well. Even in the warmer weather, it’s kept me so what fresh.


it would be similar to what you feel when cleaning a cut that’s what I’ve experienced. I would also think it would depend on how sensitive your skin is after shaving as well.


I read the informative thread just now. Somehow missed it before. i did change my vote to alcohol mainly just because it sounds good and curious to try. I did initially pick baking soda I just assumed the stick ones used baking soda but I just googled the ingredients and it doesn’t appear they do. At least not for Secret.

I’ve always just used sticks and usually secret, suave sometimes. Always wanted to try a natural type but never got around to it yet.

I’d be interested in trying an alcohol one that doesn’t contain aluminum. I know the link said it’s not shown to cause issues from the fda but but lol i’ve briefly heard that aluminum isn’t good. Something I just haven’t further looked into on my own.

The video with the pads to just wipe looked interesting. Not too interested in a spray. I often put deodorant on after I am dressed and I feel a spray would easily get on my clothing and be too much of a hassle. but it is something different so I would be up for trying it

One thing that currently bothers me with my current one is washing in the shower. If I didn’t sweat much that day it just doesn’t seem to wash off well. Maybe I just need a better soap. And it has left stains on some of my shirts.

I don’t like wet armpits or stinky at the end of the day. So whatever helps with that I’d be open to trying.


I’ve never tried a natural deodorant but I’m very interested. Over the years I’ve began exploring more natural products from cosmetics to laundry detergents and cleaners. I think the reason that I haven’t tried a natural deodorant is because I was afraid that it wouldn’t be effective. After reading one of your articles posted it makes me want to try natural when it comes to deodorant even more. I choose baking soda in the poll because it was the choice that I’m most familiar with and I have used it to for odors around the house. I’m rethinking my answer after finding out more information about its usefulness as a deodorant.


I chose baking soda because, as you mentioned, I use a stick deodorant and it seemed like the obvious choice, although I admit I know next to nothing about the positives and negatives of certain ingredients. I have come across natural deodorants before, I even own some, but I never used them because some have just too overwhelming a scent, and others are a bit too time consuming, the ones that are solid and you have to melt in your fingers. I guess there is no such thing as time consuming when it comes to healthier alternatives, but I think for me personally, I ma so used to roll ons and sprays since I was a teen, that I just never bothered to look into anything else.


I don’t think baking soda is a good idea since at the end of the day it gives a powdery feeling with white residue. Alcohol yes is a good option over baking soda but doesn’t suit all skins. My personal experience says it turns my skin dark. I prefer dry oil over all since it doesn’t feel anything at all after application and gives a long lasting fragrance for the entire day.


The conventional deodorants like Secret, Suave, Dove, etc. aren’t using baking soda, there probably using talc and aluminum.

Do you use a scrub glove? I doubt it the deodorant residue would survive something like this:

I believe that’s the aluminum reacting with your sweat

Welllllll,it will be interesting to see how well for these natural deodorants work for you, because they don’t stop sweat (most don’t contain aluminum) and many people report having to use them for a few weeks to get your body used to a new formula.


Still have concerns about alcohol being drying. At first blush, the essential oils sound good, but they are an expensive ingredient so why not let the deodorant be as simple and effective as possible, while saving more expensive ingredients for items people see more as “little luxuries”. I would prefer not to block sweat glands even though this is “safe”, but we all have those friends who, despite being clean, really exude what appears to be quarts of really smelly sweat. Again, we might be looking at two very similar products, a deodorant and this same deodorant with the element of an antiperspirant added.:herb:

A thought: would the necessary ingredients needed to create an antiperspirant somehow interfere with deodorant being completely natural?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I chose baking soda thinking that it would be the best for eliminating odors (since that is my main concern). Although I have used natural deodorants with baking soda and some of them worked at eliminating odor and some of them didn’t. I understand that alcohol may be a better choice since it would kill the bacteria but I’m wondering if that would irritate my skin. I have used many different types of natural deodorants and I have a hard time finding one that I like. Some like Jason and Kiss My Face glide on easily and smell nice but don’t control my body odor for more than an hour or two. Others like Schmidt’s and Native control my body odor for most of the day but are very dry and hard to apply and sometimes clump up in my armpits. Needless to say I use those last two because I’d rather have some white clumps than smell bad, but it would be nice to have a natural deodorant that worked as well as the Secret that I used to use. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and my father had alzheimer’s so I won’t go back to using deodorants with aluminum. Hopefully this natural deodorant will be the perfect one!


I have never used a natural deodorant before so my response of baking soda was purely because of its ability to absorb moisture. Outside of that, I don’t know much in the way of pros/cons for baking soda or any of the other options available to give a more educated response.


I use baking soda base because I suffer from hyperhidrosis. Without that ingredient, I have wet armpits and that’s gross to me. I do own naturally based deodorant, but don’t use it often as it feels gross and wet, which is what I’m trying to avoid. I think I’ve built up an immunity to the harshness of the baking soda. You can add things like Coco butter or even shea butter to soften the affects, but it kind of makes the baking soda a bit less effective.


I use stick deodorant (only currently did I start using a cream one), mainly stick because it’s easy to use. As for baking soda, it may cause irritation because I have tried using it on my facial skin and it showed redness, whereas even if I wash my face with a soap bar, I never see redness. So I am not sure what exactly caused it, it could have been the baking soda itself trying to remove dirt by exfoliating and finally showing my hidden redness or it could have been irritated because of using baking soda.

anyhow, I haven’t used a deodorant that contained baking soda, not so far at least. I have used natural deodorants, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to remove sweat, they just do so for the time being.

I have used one with aluminum which is surprisingly effective in removing sweat even when I am not using it. But I stopped using an aluminum one because it caused me to sweat in the first place.


Hmm, that seems unlikely given that’s the performance ingredient designed to prevent sweating in antiperspirants. I wonder if it was something else?