How do you all reuse, reduce, and recycle beauty and skincare containers?


I soak them when I have a few, get them as clean as I can and they go into the general recycling. I’m understanding that the smaller tops should not be thrown in as they can mess up the machines. I’m also not sure what to do with tubes or other containers that I just can’t seem to get into to clean. I hate throwing them out there. I’ve got a “collection” of Derma e containers. Once you get the label off, they make nice little plain glass


I reuse the little glass bottles that oils
come in to store my own personal mixes of oils. They already have oils in them and dropper lids so there is no contamination or cleaning out necessary.


It depends on what kinda of container it is, I reuse some of them or use them for travel and others of recycle


It depends on the container. I use the jars to store small items. If they are a squeeze tube I usually recycle those.


I reuse the containers that I can, especially the ones that are pretty, and I recycle any of the others that I can.


I don’t have a recycling center nearby aside from aluminum cans because I live in the middle of nowhere, but I reuse almost all of my jars and ampules/tubes for mixing my own beauty things, or candles/storing beads for jewelry making, etc.


There are a few I reuse, but otherwise I recycle them.


I like to reuse some small jars when I travel. I put make up removers, lotions, and eye creams in them. I also would recommend reusing pill containers for storing q-tips and cotton balls. It’s amazing how much little stuff you can store but reusing containers. I even use old Altoid mint containers to store my earrings that need to be cleaned.


I reuse certain things depending on the size! I’ve cleaned out small jars to hold hair pins and hair ties and such. If I can’t reuse it myself though, I’ll always just recycle it.


I’m am horrible at recycling.


Check out


I try and reuse my glass bottles for extra product storage.
Things like sheet masks that are loaded with essence,
I like to save in the bottles.


i just try to get my products in plastic containers . i reuse every product that i can , but like i said i get plastic containers so i can recycle them if i can not re use


Ah, yes, the old Altoid’s mint container!
Great little storage bin.
I used to use one for change in my car.


You get the honesty award, Marsha, I love it!


I live in Austin, we’re all about recycling.
Some dude knocked on my door last week to let me know we’re now getting composting bins.
That means, they take: garbage, recycling, lawn clippings, and now old rotting food.


this is quite the resource thank you!!


Your Very Welcome!!!


I reuse some of the smaller containers for travel. I like to wash out and keep any jars that are a good size because I make bath salts and bath oils to put in baskets at Christmas