Retinol For Eyes?


Ok so I am fairly new with this Retinol cream.

But my question is, can you actually use retinol for your eyes, like on the eye-lid or under eyes?

I have used it for a few days and it has dried my under eye and made the small wrinkle look more apparent.

Am I using it wrong? The instructions doesn’t specifically state which part of your face you should use it on.


Retinol is naturally drying. It actually promotes exfoliation to reveal your new, underlying skin. Unless you’re specifically using a retinol formulated eye cream, retinol should not be used around your eyes.


Interesting, I didn’t know. I had dry patches lol. The product doesn’t state exactly where to specifically use it.


When I have a product that’s vague about how to use it, I do a thorough web search to find the information I need. I especially try to find scientific/medical information so I’m clear on doseage and side effects as well.


Can you post a link to the product?


Always moisturize after using retinol with some facial oil and vitamin c to replenish, moisture and help prevent flaking. Often, stronger retinol formulas may cause dryness and peeling. If you do start to experience excessive dryness or flaking skin, try reducing your retinol usage to every other night.


@Freedom I did Google it actually and it gave me the same description as written on the package.


@robynl35 thank you for the tip! I didnt know that flaking was normal lol. I’ve actually used a dollar store night cream that has retinol and that actually gives me joy seeing my face in the morning.


I learned from experience also, because you never know when you see all the side effects and interactions they can have. I buy a generic one from Walgreen’s, always look at the ingredients sometimes your only paying for a name.


i wouldn’t think you should use an ingredient on your eyes that is so drying, but if you can find one made specifically for the ye area i would shoot for that. clinique has some really good eye creams some of which are not too costly and work really great at hydrating the eye area.


Yeah, learnt my lesson well lol. It’s my first time trying and actual retinol product so I had no idea lol. I’ve stopped using it for a few days now and just using moisturizer. Hopefully that will undo the effects.