Review: Aesop Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment


Calling all you Geranium lovers out there! Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment is an incredible smelling body oil. This company makes very unique products scented with essential oils, and WOW are they expensive!

I’ve been using this product for several weeks now, applying it to my skin after a shower and before moisturizer. I’m a DRNW for those of you who’ve taken the 🎓 Baumann Inspired Skin Type Test so this oil works with my skin type. This is just one of those products that smells so good you kinda just want to squirrel away a bottle and sneak little whiffs throughout the day. In fact I put some on while writing this review, even though I typically use it after a shower. If you are a Co-Creator from CC_Body_Wash_01, it will certainly remind you of our 01C Body Wash sample, which was also Geranium scented.

The bottle has a plastic nozzle which helps meter the amount of product dispensed, unlike your olive oil at home.

The smell goes on with the right amount of strength, and I think fades rather quickly - in a good way. It’s not a cologne or perfume, more of what I use as a post shower mood-shifter and pamper treatment. My skin feels noticeably more moisturized (oil-infused) after using this oil. See 🎓 Dry vs Dehydrated Skin for more info on the difference.

Conclusion: A wonderful geranium experience that’s great for dry skin after a shower, end expensive. I’d love to find and test a more cost-effective alternative to this oil.

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This sounds like a wonderful product, I would love to try this! What is the Baum man test?


Click the link to take it, it tells you about your skin type and how to care for it.


It sounds amazing and I’m sure the scent is superb. But HOLY CRAP the cost is also … uhm … amazing I guess you could say. Is it actually WORTH the cost compared to the benefits it offers (as in scent, moisture locking, etc.)?


I haven’t tried any other geranium body oils, so I’m not sure. A 30 second search on amazon didn’t turn up any suitable alternatives, I got rose-geranium oil, and geranium creams, but no geranium body oil. I’m sure you could probably use some geranium essential oil with jojoba and make your own… you’d be getting many of the benefits, although the Aesop is a blend of oils.

As lovely as this stuff is, I can’t justify the price, so when I’m out I’ll have to experiment with something else.


John, it’s a good thing you mentioned the cost, I was ready to go hunt for it. How much is “ouch!” because I never realized how much I like that smell! I love that it has the plastic nozzle to meter things. I once rescued myself from a bathtub only because I was able to stretch and reach a towel practically across the room. All that from dumping way too much of a really great, very slippery oil into the bath water. Worst part is, I can’t even remember what the scent was, too traumatized! OK, I’ve got to look this stuff up!:heart_eyes_cat:


I just looked it up. HOLIEST CRAP! and then some. I was thinking maybe I’d treat myself for my birthday or something, but first, the nice people at the state lottery need to pick the right numbers. Geranium numbers!:cat:


:joy: :rofl: :smile: My reaction exactly. :slight_smile:


I’m curious about geranium scented stuff now because of that body wash. I would describe the geranium scent as an earthier lavender. I love body oils (aside from the price) and this sounds nice.


I really, really like the smell of the geranium body wash and would love to have a naturally scented geranium oil. But for me, in order to justify the price, Aesop’s brand would have to last all day and night.


Fortunately a little goes a long way, so I’m getting some mileage out of it. Maybe be CC will make some :wink:


@GypsyRose_03 To me, it’s this kind of fresh but slightly dark, woodsy smell, like it’s really early in the morning, no one else is up yet and you’re getting to walk in a very safe space, not the deep woods but the edge of a really nice garden… Geranium!


I have used the shower gel and it is wonderful.


Fellow geranium scent lovers, I’ve found some products with geranium oil included. There were several geranium essential oils and other products on these sites, but I’m just sharing two of them. The first is an Organic Anointing Oil Spray Ylang Ylang & Geranium by Quinntessentials on It’s to be worn as a body spray.

The second is Alaffia Shea & Green Tea Revitalizing Body Lotion Orange Geranium on


I generally avoid essential oils because they are not safe around pets, especially cats. There is a very small list at is acceptable and geranium is on the list. I will need to do more research on it, but I think I may have found something I can use on my skin while having a pet in the house.


I’ve never used that product but I love geranium! I almost feel like an oil based moisturizing item feels more like a winter tires of thing though… Or fall?