Review: Nico Ross Blackhead Removing Mask


I decided to give this black charcoal mask a try because I was very excited about the whole charcoal mask hype going on. I had a few dollars left on a gift card and this brand did not cost that much but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The bottle isn’t as big as I expected it but there’s still a decent amount in there. I applied the mask not too thick it was more like a thin even layer all over which I think is very important. I did notice that I had a little bit on the bottom of my cheek that hadn’t dried all the way when the rest of the mask had because it was slightly thicker. I’ve read a lot of people saying their masks would not dry but you do not need to put on a thick layer if not it will not dry right or dry at all. It only took about 20 to 25 minutes for it to dry all the way. I did feel my skin getting slightly tight but it was not uncomfortable. I then started to peel it off and I was very surprised when it all came off pretty well and did not hurt until I got around my mouth area. Once I saw all the dry skin, fine hair and a few blackheads it pulled out I was very impressed and happy I had given this foreign brand a try. I still feel it did not get all my blackheads around my nose area but as you can see from the picture it definitely did get some. Afterwards my skin was extremely soft and smooth which is what really won me over with this. I’m very pleased and I definitely think this is a great charcoal mask to try. One last thing when I ordered it I believe I picked standard shipping and it was scheduled for a few weeks later and it did arrive a day or two after the scheduled date.

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did that work for you? I’ve tried two different kinds of similar masks and didn’t think they did much.


yeah I was surprised it was my first time using this and it was really easy it peeled right off I actually have a video of it!
I don’t know if I can upload a video but this is a picture of me pulling it off


I guess I just uploaded my first video on YouTube so I can post it up here! It’s just a quick video I took when I was taking it off I was going to put on my Amazon review but I haven’t gotten to that yet. It’s only about 10 seconds or so and I’m not sure but I feel like it looks a little more blurry on YouTube then on my phone…


uploaded it to my YouTube so I can post it up here I don’t know if you seen it yet! it’s nothing long it’s just a quick 10 second video


@Catherine_JThis Thanks for doing the video. I think it came out clear and was helpful. :cat:


My pleasure! Glad it was helpful :slightly_smiling_face: