I’ve seen all kinds of explanations and remedies. Not a big problem for most of us, including myself, but who needs it? Any solid explanations out there? Any comparatively simple ways to get rid of it or make it less frequent?


From what I’ve been told, rosacea has a lot to do with the diet. Supposedly it is a reaction to eating allergens. So the individual suffering from it would have to embark on an elimination diet and gradually introduce foods back into the diet. I’m convinced that physical ailments begin in the gut or in the emotions.


Thanks! I’m pretty careful of what I eat, but things have been pretty stressful so my little red friend has made some brief appearances, then leaves for a while.


Sounds like stress may be a cause of flareups, how do you relax when you are stressed?


As a sufferer of anxiety that has broke me out in acne more than once, here are some tips for stress and anxiety!

  1. Adult coloring books with colored pencils or markers :slight_smile: 2. Go for a walk somewhere where there isn’t much traffic.
    I find quiet walks to be very nice, but bring a personal alarm or something for protection.
  2. Read books!
    I have lots of recommendations there, lol… 4.
    Practice the 4-7-8 breathing method.
    Breathe in 4 counts, hold In 7 counts,
    exhale 8 counts.
    Repeat as necessary. This method helps me fall asleep or calm down and ground myself. 5. yoga and meditation! look up Adriene mishler on YouTube for the best free yoga videos for beginners.
    It did wonders for me inside and out!Good luck, stress sucks


Thank you!


It’s not always diet or stress. Mine gets worse when I’m
stressed sometimes, other times it could be because its too humid out, or the wind blows from the southwest and I haven’t hopped on one foot today. It’s that capricious. Different soaps or lotions can irritate it so I stick with only no scent no dye hypoallergenic facewashes and truthfully I use a ton of baby products. sunscreen which is vital to well everyone but especially people with rosacea is a baby brand. I also have prescription lotion which is a topical antibiotic that helps tremendously. Everyone is different so I suggest talk with a dermatologist because sometimes it can be a symptom of an underlying autoimmune disorder.


I have sensitive red, bumpy skin called Keratosis Pilaris which is similar to
Roseacea, and I was told by a dermatologist pretty much what everyone else has been saying like “things can flare you up” and “some products can help counter-act the side effects”. I tend to use triple paste or Aveno eczema baby creme when I over-exfoliate.


Not familiar with Roseacea…I know one person that had it pretty bad…and she said the sun would really irritated it or flare her up.

She was very religious about spf and wearing hats and lightweight long sleeves.


I don’t have Roseacea and I’m sorry I can’t give you any suggestions.


Be careful to always wear
sunscreen, which helps prevent irritation from UV light, redness and flare-ups.


Identify Any Triggers in Your Diet.
for example, by using harsh chemical creams, prescriptions, light therapy and various lotions — actually winds up making skin symptoms even worse. Check all the skincare products ingredients before you buy.Also,
try including daily in your diet- turmeric, ginger,
cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, etc.), carrots, tomatoes and green tea can all help specifically
combat skin inflammation. Avoid fried foods.


I know it sounds crazy, but my roseacea significantly lessened when I started meditating. I can most likely safely attribute this to a decrease in stress, but regulating my body temperature better has helped a lot too. Roseacea, as many of you have pointed out, gets irritated by stress and temperatures.
Reducing inflammation has been a huge part of healing my roseacea, and I’ve done that through 1) eating less ‘heavy’ and inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, and soy, and 2) by actually NOT exercising and doing yoga/meditating.Here is a natural treatment I’ve tried as well that has worked pretty well for me!In the evening, apply honey (organic, raw for antibacterial properties), then right before bed, apply a mix of lavender and melaleuca essential oils.


i honestly do not know


Sorry, I’m no help on this topic. I haven’t got any suggestions but I hope you find something that helps.


I don’t personally have it, so I don’t have recommendations, but I know Casey Holmes on YouTube does! She’s done videos about covering it, she may have also talked about how she tries to get it to settle down, but I’m not entirely sure. Maybe her videos could be helpful though!


I don’t have anything to add I don’t personally have the issue.


I dont no much about it!


I don’t have any advice on this as I don’t know much about it.


My boyfriend gets rosacea flare ups when he gets stressed or overheated and he kind of just lets it run its course. I always wondered what could be done for it.