Routine for Curly Hair

Hi!I’ve been looking for a solid routine that I can stick to in order to keep my curls looking nice.The heat and humidity from Portland’s summer is helping a little, but I’d love to hear what everyone’s routine is!

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I can’t help with the curly hair topic, as my hair is fine, and straight.

It’s very long so my routine is to wash then air dry.

Once dry,
I usually straighten it with a flat iron to even out the rough spots.

I am a huge fan of Batiste dry shampoo and use it daily after my shampoo day.

I try and stretch the washes to where I wash every 3rd day.

What do you use for a heat protectant?

have you tried sheamoisture?

I’ve been using Shea Moisture for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. They have a line for curly hair which I use. My hair is more wavy, then curly.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair and want an easy natural look routine. I use a spritz in the shower
of salt and hot water…i mix it prior to my shower, shake it up real good and then spray on my hair before I get out of the shower.
I wring as much water out as possible and then gently towel dry, followed by air drying completely.
I try to avoid thermal heat when I want to achieve the curly look.

For heat protectant I use 3 main types and switch up from time to time.
EvaNYC makes a mane magic 10 in 1 primer that I love and it contains a heat protectant.

Also Ouai and N4 Haircare have great prep and protect products.

I have some natural curl/wave to my hair and my hair is chemically dependent.I have a huge arsenal of products that I rotate through.If I am wanting to embrace some wave and curl I use a heat protectant, curl enhancer, a little oil, and I use low temp and low blow setting on my dryer.

My hair is really straight, so I have no idea. I often wish I had curly hair though. I had my hair curled really pretty, back when I went to prom in high school, and I absolutely loved the way it looked.

I can’t help out with this one, but it’s interesting to see what everyone’s input is!

The simplest, most natural way I’ve found unfortunately takes time or sleeping
badly. My hair is a weird combination of fine, dry, wavy to curly to frizzy. The ancestors and I need to have a talk! Because it’s got a lot of fine hairs, anything too heavy will flatten it. If I let it dry naturally, it’s fine, I just don’t dare touch it with brush, comb or pick until it’s completely dry. My best bet is to use a decent shampoo for dry hair, conditioner for the same and then head for the Stone Age. Rollers, ladies, medium size, held in with bobbie pins! Keep them in until
your hair is completely dry, then take them out and give your hair about 1/2 hour to get used to it., Then you can brush through and it feels great and has body, it’s no longer frizzy or marcelled looking. I
never use heat on it, gets too dry looking. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and since it tends to be dry and fly away, I only wash it every few days. The above routine takes it from bouncy/wavy/soft to smooth over a few days and it’s time to do it again.
You could sleep in the rollers, but for those of you who haven’t tried that particular experience, you’d probably rather not.

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For my curly hair I only shampoo my scalp once or twice a week, I condition it three times a week.
After shower I use a serum(I love garnier five in one) brush it through, then use my fingers to comb through and scrunch.
As it air dries I scrunch it and if I sit back against something, I kind of ball it up and let it sit on my shoulders so it doesn’t get smooshed by the couch or whatever.
If I use enough serum then the following morning all I have to do is run my fingers through my hair and I don’t have to wet it and restyle it.

have wavy hair so I can’t help with that.

My hair is very curly.
I rarely shampoo: haven’t found a product which doesn’t make my hair dry and frizzy.
I use Eden coconut co-wash a few times a week, only finger-combing the product through.
For tight curls on special occasions, I’ll use Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer.

My hair is straight so I can’t be much help. I have to shower almost everyday and I’ve heard using dry shampoos might help you if you use the foamy type that causes my hair to be too oily. I live by dry shampoos that are like spraying light baby powder.

I have curly hair, and I tried so many different routines and expensive products to try to deal with it, but it was way too time-consuming for my busy schedule. What finally worked was just using As I Am coconut co-wash in the shower and then Shea Moisture’s curl-enhancing smoothie outside of the shower to define the curls and reduce frizz. My hair actually dries best if I sleep on wet hair, but I think that’s kind of atypical… I used to do all sorts of other things, like wrapping it up in a t-shirt for 5-10 minutes after the shower, and it was too much work for too little benefit. But I highly recommend the two products that I use! I wash my hair once a week, but I use the Shea Moisture product like 3-4 days a week, so that keeps it smelling nice!Just to add - you can see my natural curls in my profile pic! I NEVER use a hair drier, because that just makes frizz. The only heat I’ll ever use on it is a straightener every once in a while, if I need to look a little more professional.

coconut co-wash, huh? I’ll give it a try. From your picture, that’s pretty much my texture if I wash and air dry. Thanks!

My hair is thick and straight. I don’t have curly hair.
I loved reading all the comments above!

I have very curly hair, that in humidity gets oily and in dry weather, frizzes out of control! I’ve found that not shampooing and instead using a moisturizing but light conditioner (like Organix Coconut Water Conditioner) works incredibly well at letting my hair keep its natural oils but still prevents against drying out.
Every few days, I’ll use a hair mask (I like a shea or jojoba oil mask) to fully replenish the moisture to my hair.I’ve also found that brushing my hair IN the shower, rather than after, allows my hair to form its curls naturally after towel drying.
After I shower, I apply some sea salt spray to keep the curls in formation and take away some of the natural oiliness.