Sensitive skin products


what are your favorite go to unscented/ sensitive skin products? i have tried aveeno and it worked pretty good, for being unscented.


I don’t have any but all i can think of is Cetaphil


My skin isn’t especially sensitive, but Derma e
was a great find. I don’t know anyone who has trouble with it and it’s easy to find at a good supermarket. If there’s one around
Wegman’s has a huge personal care department, a lot of it is all natural. If there’s one near you (East Coast store right now) it’s worth a walk through. You might come home with moisturizer and a bag of organic carrots!


I don’t use any sensitive skin products or unscented products. I really enjoy scented products.


I like Aveeno as well and Eucerin Skin Calming cream is another product without scent that works really well. I know some stuff is fragrance free because it has chemicals in it to mask the natural smells of the product so I try to focus more on the ingredients than the actual smell.


i have heard a lot about that here lately. does it work really good?


so do i, but i have heard that unscented moisturizing products work better then scented. i am not sure if there is any truth to that or not though


i have heard of eucerin, i used it on my tattoo’s when i got them, but i haven’t tried it for anything else. i might have to, it did work really good on my tattoo’s


I consider myself to have sensitive skin.
The Drunk Elephant line works really well. It’s kinda pricey but it has worked wonders for my skin. I don’t really splurge on myself but skincare is one allowance I save up for. They stay away from the usual toxins that are in most lines and my skin seems to like it.


Really? I haven’t heard that, and I didn’t find any information when I googled it. But I did find this: “The Important Difference Between Unscented and Fragrance” “Labels can be confusing. After all, there are “Unscented” products and “Fragrance Free” products.It’s important to differentiate between the two because there are differences, including safety.Fragrance Free is what you are looking for. This means that no fragrances (artificial or otherwise) have been added to the product (or should mean that, watch for tougher regulations monitoring that coming).As we know, artificial fragrances are the #1 irritant on skin and one of the most potentially harmful ingredients we can encounter - because they contain phthalates – see more information below. They are linked to many health issues, from allergies and asthma to cancer.In its truest definition, “fragrance free,” means you should not have to worry about those nasty synthetics. Nothing should be added to remove the natural scents from the butters, oils, and other natural ingredients in the products.In other words, you may smell some of the product’s ingredients such as the olive oil or shea butter.Unscented does not mean fragrance free.In fact, if you smell absolutely nothing in your skin care or beauty products, it may be more harmful than you believed. Why? It sounds silly, but “unscented” products typically have added fragrance agents used to mask the other smells. These masking fragrances are usually composed of toxic phthalates.” I hope this helps.


Really interesting. Thank you!


that actually did help a lot. i did not know any of that. thank you very much


Just about anything Aveeno. They do also have scented products, but I’ve mostly used their unscented ones. They also have pretty basic ingredients, including many all natural ones, and really help my skin out. My two favorites are the Daily Moisturizing lotion and body wash. Their face products are also good, but I don’t use them as often.



i use the fragrance free, for sensitive skin aveeno baby for my son. it seems to be all he can use. but aveeno has always worked really well.


I don’t have sensitive skin so I can’t really give any advice.


Etude house the Soon Jung line. I got a trial kit for like $7 on ebay with 4 face products. I am loving it! I also use Cerave hydrating face wash.


I have bought Eucerine products for my kids.