Setting powders


As we get older we start to get fine lines under the eyes which makes it difficult for the makeup babes . Since foundation and even concealer starts to cake up under the yes. Any suggestions or drug store brands or products or yips that can help the makeup not cake-up,


I’m starting to subtly have issues with that too but still trying to figure things out before it gets worse. :confused: I’m looking for any tips too besides using primer and toner (two items I never used before this year and having mixed results).


I make my own matte foundation, using baby rash cream, a dark color foundation and powder. The rash cream is just a little to help with sun protection and keeping the skin moisturized. I believe it also helps with the cakey issue. It takes time to adjust the color though. I have to keep adding foundation or powder, but the end is great. I have one product that works as two, saves me time and money.
Having melasma is hard to find high coverage make up, this one is great!


It’s important to keep the area moisturized and I use Maybelline Fit me concealer under my eyes and set it with the Fit Me powder. I find that using a damp beauty blender for both helps it set without being too cakey. Although pretty much no matter what I do it settles into my fine lines after a few hours it seems.


Oh waoh I never would’ve though that baby cream can be use on the face. I got plenty of baby creams in my house since I do child care. :slight_smile: Which rash cream you using for mixing?


I have use the Maybelline concealer and finished with setting powder ans still ughh i get so frustrated when that happens. I have read as we get fine lines that to avoid setting powder. I started using tarte concealer and its actually pretty good and I haven’t been getting cakey under my eyes but i did stop putting setting powder on those areas.


I started to use tarte concealer and it haven’t been getting cakey under my eyes but I did stop using setting powder under my eyes to avoid that.


The Desitin maximum strengh. It has 40% of zinc oxide, which is a great sunblock.