Shampooing and conditioning


has anyone ever heard, if you use conditioner everyday and only use shampoo once a month it repairs the most damaged hair? OR that conditioning your hair before shampooing it makes your hair softer and keeps your hair from losing moisture? i have heard these two things for years now. i have tried them both, the second one i mentioned really seems to work, anybody have any other tips or things they have heard about shampooing and conditioning?


The only thing I have found to be true is that you need to switch up types of shampoo and conditioner if they seem to stop working, or if they start to leave a build up.

I have tried the reverse method…I am not a fan of it.
My hair is quite thick and long, I need to condition last to be able to detangle.


I agree as well with switching up your products after a period of time. I am the worst at making excuses of this to get new shampoos and conditioning products, mainly because im a sucker for scents. But having very thin, fine hair, Ive found that by doing this it has reduced the amount of damage dramatically to my hair.


I’ve always been one to switch up. I haven’t heard what you said though about reversing or no shampoo each shower, etc. One thing I’ve heard quite a few times is don’t put too much conditioner on your scalp and focus more on the ends. And then in the end give your hair a good rinse in colder water.
Lately I read to use apple cider vinegar as conditioner. I’ve tried it a few times now. Like 1-2 tablespoons of ACV mixed in with a full cup of water.
Let it sit in hair 4-5 minutes and rinse. This makes my hair feel really snarly right after the
shower but I wait to brush till it’s dry and my hair definitely feels softer and more fuller. I have thick wavy hair that is normally pretty long but I recently cut it a bit.


Heard of the second. I can’t really see the reverse conditioning working that well. If you shampoo to clean, why would you use conditioner to sort of “set” the built up oils and dead skin? Seems like a good theory. Leave in conditioners definitely work for damaged hair but sometimes you just have to cut and start fresh.


My hair is really fine and I can’t go more than about 36 hours without it looking like an oil slick.
Dry Shampoo seems to make my hair heavy and look even worse.
I do some days just rinse my hair and condition, but I have to at least rinse it or it’ll be flat as a pancake,


I mix a bunch of shampoos and conditioners in my bottles so my products change as I use them daily. I like to sometimes condition my hair twice when I shower (once before getting my hair wet and once after shampooing.


Sometimes my hair gets really dry especially when I shower daily so I found that reverse conditioning helps to lock in moisture if I do it. I agree though that hair cuts help a lot with damaged hair. I’ve always believed that even if you’re trying to drastically grow out your hair that you should cut it at least every 3-4 months.


Definitely, switch it out! Re: the reverse method, I just don’t see how it could work.


I love how my hair feels after its washed and conditioned,. I’ve never tried it the opposite way, but I feel like it wouldn’t clean your hair as well. I have damaged hair from years of straightening and ironing and the only way I can treat it is with leave in conditioners, heat protectors, and hair masks.


I’ve never heard of that to be honest.For me I am very old fashion I guess and I shampoo and then condition.


I’ve seen the what I once heard called a reverse washing where you condition first then shampoo. I’ve always wondered how that worked. A major shampoo brand even had a hair care set that was in that order condition then shampoo.
I would wonder how it would benefit people with oily hair or if the conditioner would build on your hair over time.


I’ve never heard of shampooing only once a month, but I have heard of reverse shampooing! Although I haven’t tried it yet. But I’m interested in trying it after so many people have said they love it! I also like switching up my products. Honestly I rarely even buy shampoo and conditioner because I get samples of them from Birchbox often enough. I’m currently using the Love, Beauty & Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa shampoo and conditioners and like them a lot, and they smell delicious!



After my stylist does a chemical process to my hair she conditions it for a few minutes before shampooing to seal the cuticle. This helps my hair retain moisture. I have done deep conditioning prior to shampooing.


No matter what I do, the best thing for my hair seems to be all natural and organic products. I try other but I always go back. I have really long hair and only wash 2 or 3 times a week. One of the main reasons I don’t use mainstream hair care is because I hate Dimethicone or silicone in my products. It coats the hair and I can’t stand that feeling in my hair or skin for that matter. I always steer clear of that stuff it
makes me feel like and oil slick.


I’ve been using this coconut co-wash from Eden instead of shampoo or conditioner, a few times per week.
My curly hair is happier when not shampoo’d.


I only wash mine every 3 days…(unless my hair gets really dirty or sweaty for some reason) if I wash it more than that my hair looks either dull and frizzy, or oily and flat…depending on the product and environmental factors.
2nd or 3rd day hair is my " Good hair zone" lol


I’ve heard of both methods. My son is biracial and has loose curly hair and I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times I’ve used shampoo on his hair. I either use
a cowash or just conditioner to cleanse his hair unless he has gotten dirt or sand or food in it. His hair is very soft and seems to be in pretty good condition. I also cowash my hair and it is in much better shape than it was when I was younger and did the whole shampoo and conditioner thing every single time. I also use deep conditioning treatments and masks on a regular basis.


Think much of it depends on your hair/skin type and the products that you are using. My hair is thick and coarse. My hairdresser informed me a while back that I was shampooing to often at every other day. Now I shampoo 1-2x a week with a shampoo infused with peppermint and other essential oils that remove buildup, stimulate follicles and unclog pores. I condition almost daily with a mask treatment 2 times a week and an intense oil treatment once a week.


There are soooooo many fads circulating. And unfortunately it seems one or a few people tried something different just because it was different, but it may have only benefited themselves, if there were benefits at all. I honestly can’t, don’t understand how anything can get clean without a cleanser. Even if a conditioner or plain water, as some purport, can make your hair shiny, full of body, etc., what about your scalp? Hair grows out of the scalp that has healthy follicles. If your scalp and follicles are clogged with hair products, sweat, dandruff, pollution, etc, and not properly cleansed, it lacks the environment for growth. AND it will smell.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s the equivalent of taking a shower in lotion. You may be really soft, but your pores will be clogged and eventually your deodorant won’t stand a chance. #shampooforever!:slight_smile: