Shea moisture virgin coconut oil body wash works on combination to oily skin but sold for dry skin


i had splurged a little on this body wash for my grandmother who actually has dry skin and it kept her up all night itching, i gave the body wash to my mother who has combination to oily skin, never had any problems at all with dry skin,and it worked awesome for her. it just amuses me how products can work so different for people. but how can it be made to treat dry skin yet work better on combination to oily skin?


I think it probably has to do with your bodies chemistry and the ingredients in the product. I’ve had dry skin before and now I sometimes have combination skin. When I use acne cleansers though I go for the ones made for people with oily skin. I think it’s personal preference. The other option is maybe some brands are marketing different products to different people in hopes to reach more people. Marketing and packaging go hand-in-hand so it doesn’t surprise me that something that a label says might not be true for everyone and maybe some products will work on people you wouldn’t think they would work on.


I think everyone one is different and they react differently to products. So what may work for one person might not work so well for another.


Again, each item has its own properties, some of them probably pretty subtle. Someone may be so sensitive to an item, their body cannot accept the good qualities, too busy dealing with the sensitivities. On the other hand, unexpected good results may mean that individual’s body is more capable of utilizing the good, though possibly unrecognized , properties.


shea mositure body wash with virgin coconut oil was hypo allergenic, free of almost everything .


Well said.


I actually found that I need to look mostly at ingredients in products versus what they claim to do, especially for body care/skincare. There are products made for skin on your face that are filled with pore clogging silicones and ingredients that are known to be irritating over time. I’ve used a few of these and initially my skin looked a little better and then a few days later, breakout city.


I believe we are all different and some of us can tolerate lots of different ingredients where others simply can’t.


I agree 100% with Vanessa6297 on this subject.