🗞 Shiseido Wins at China Cosmetics Academic Research Conference


Interesting clinical info on anti aging cosmetic ingredients.


Wow well I know my new anti aging routine, are they real expensive, well I’ll do my research.


Wow that was some serious clinical information. I’m glad they made it public. So am I right to understand that atrophied sweat glands are responsible for sagging skin?? That’s a bombshell! So sweating is actually productive in keeping your skin firm, wow! I think I’ve actually seen proof of that. My sister is 61 and perspires due to menopause on her face often. But her skin looks so youthful! She literally has no wrinkles! That’s so interesting.


I think so.

I’m not sure if sweating will keep the sweat glands from atrophy. It might be that sweating is simply a sign of healthy sweat glands, but maybe it does? People who exercise regularly certainly do keep a youthful appearance…