Shout out to @avantgarde and @Beautiful_daydreamer from Chris

In all honesty it was a tie between 2 persons for me and my reasons for choosing them are:

  1. I enjoy her posts
  2. Seems like a really nice person
  3. Always participating
  4. They always share and are open to suggestions.
  5. My besties in my mind! Lol!
  6. Seem like we share some the same interests

Shout out to @Chris. Seems like a very nice and she is always willing to give her opinion on the topics to inform others in the group.

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I’m humbled! Thank you! It’s always been my pleasure to help if I can!

Thank you!!! I love your posts too, you’re so informative in general and you’ve introduced me to some topics I didn’t even know existed (like the ancient history of makeup!)

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