Skin Care Devices


I’m interested in using a Clarisonic or other facial brush because of the exfoliation it is supposed to provide. I haven’t really used a lot of devices (mostly for cost reasons). I’m also a little scared to use some of these devices and possibly make something worse.


I have one of these from amazon. There was a code posted in a facebook group and I got it for like $3. I’ve been using it since December. I don’t use it every face wash but i do like it. Whether it makes a huge difference or not I don’t know. Got my kids one just today also with a coupon making it $5 looks like the one in your picture but has a cat face on it. They are 10 and 15 and not trying to wash their face at all so I’m hoping this will some how help.


Sounds like a great deal, I should check it out seeing as how the Clarisonic is $100.


What does this device Do? Is it effective? Have you noticed a difference since using it?


How do the microdremasion derm tools that I’ve seen others mentioned. I’ve only seen positive reviews. And is a professional treatment tool. Any tool that I see estheticians or dermalogist use routinely in their profession earns a great initial reputation with me. This one, a very pricey example. I’ve seen them for as little as $40 without the bells and whistles.What it is: A limited-edition Microneedling Tool specifically designed for use on the face and around the lip area.What it does: GloPRO’s patented technology stimulates skin’s natural repair response to induce micro-rejuvenation deep within the skin for a visibly firmer, smoother, younger-looking appearance. As the MicroTips pass over the skin, the rejuvenation process begins immediately as cells respond to microchannels, restoring volume from the inside out. Red LED light therapy and VibroTactile stimulation work synergistically to enhance regenerative skin benefits.



I prefer my Satin Smooth Hydrosonic Professional Cleaning brush over my Clarisonic. I love the fact it incorporates a digital skin care map that changes audibly and visually on where and when to move the device. It usually retails in a spa. But I got mine at Cosmo-Pro when they were introducing it. So I got full retail sized skin care set, extra brushes and a Beauty Bag for $49. I see a similiar package on Amazon for around $75.Satin Smooth Hydrasonic Professional Cleansing Brush https:// /dp/B00JOTL4O4/ ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ZZGiBbMW1KJ3B



A Wave is a special device that vibrates when you use it similar to a Sonicare toothbrush. It uses special pads that can be reusable but probably isn’t recommended (I do it though). I use the deep cleaning pads. I’m not sure if stores even sell this anymore but it is very gentle on my skin and when I bought it (back in 2010 or so) it wasn’t too expensive. It smooths and gently cleanses my face. The pads come with a lot of cleanser on them so I use a cloth to remove the cleanser from my face after using the Wave for a minute or so. I find it very relaxing.
When it comes to reusing the pads I just put a little bit of my other pump cleanser on the pad after a few times using a pad. If you wear makeup and want to remove it with the Wave I’d recommend either removing your make up before using it or replacing the pad each time you use it. I used to remove my face makeup with it and the pad would change colors right away. Also, the cleanser burns really bad if it gets in your eyes so don’t use it for your eyes. Just your face :slight_smile:



Doesn’t seem to like the link…


Yes, sorry… I am on a mobile device and long links don’t always work. It’s at and a general search there will pull it up. It can also be directly purchased from the makers company website.


I use a Clarisonic Mia when I remember! I won it in a contest!


What an amazing thing to win! Congrats, that’s awesome!!


I use so many face tools. All a different purpose. I have been told I have great skin for my age. I do because of my treatments I give myself. I do sheetmasks daily. Clay masks once a week. And I do LED light therapy every other night. It has different light for different purposes. I also have a microneediling pen, sonic silicone cleansing tool (foreo), jade roller, and chemical peel I use. I love my beauty treatments. Plus doing it myself saves me 1000;s of dollars!:heart_eyes: @John


I have the Genius Ultra Ultrasound Sincare Device, a led light therapy, heated, electotherapy wand, and a Cozcore Florecer.


I just started using led blue and red light. It’s GREAT! I have been getting compliments on my skin and I just started using it everyday for 10 minutes two weeks ago. It is one of those face mask.


Would you mind posting a link to the device? Did you take before and after pictures? Just curious to know how you know it’s working :slight_smile: