Skin Care for Children?


I came across a blog article about introducing children to skin care. To quote the questions from the article: When do you (or would you) introduce skin care to your kids? At what age? What products do you start with?


I mentioned this in the Demographics post. I talked with @John about the possibility of Community Cosmetics having products geared to children/babies and the elderly.
As for the time of introduction, skincare is actually introduced to babies right after birth. We use them to bathe, moisturize and cleanse their hair. And in the event of skin problems, my son had Eczema as a baby, we use those products as well. As children age these processes continue and they eventually begin to do for themselves what the parents did for them. Skincare use is just a natural progression from birth.


I would think it would vary by the child’s age and skin type. It’s a good question.


Bathing, sunscreen, moisturizer as an infant. It’s up to caregivers to teach these habits, much like brushing, flossing, washing hands if they want them to stick. Exfoliating around puberty. Pretty much what @Freedom said.


I wish skin care had been introduced to me as a child. Then it would just be routine to apply lotion and sunscreen, which I consider the basics.


No I don’t think that its a good idea for children


I do think chidren need healthy skincare too. Just for their needs. I have basic healthy creams I use on my son. Because he is like me when I was young. I had very dry skin. My mom had me using a clinque cream just for my face. And oil in my bath. I do the same for my son but I use better products.


What are your concerns?


Depends on what product it is, I would want them to moisturize their skin but I also don’t want to introduce them to chemicals and potentially making them look older faster.


I purchased some product made for tweens. The products are a great way for them to start learning how to care fror their skin. Products are made with all natural ingredients.


This was very informative because I have a 13 year old son that has gotten acne really bad recently and I wasn’t quite sure on how soon and what skin care products he could start using.


My nephew is having the same problem. I got him a charcoal mask and some Biore T-zone strips. They made a huge difference. Now he’s always wanting me to get more.


I love Johnson and Johnson


I would say you start the process as they are a baby, but most parents don’t teach their children to continue to utilize body lotion as they are growing. I believe I was told to start your teenagers at the age of 14 to use a skincare/facecare regimen, but I think that varies based upon the child and their needs such as acne, etc.


When my children were little, we lived in Minnesota and the cold winters were very hard on their skin. My sons’ cheeks would almost look sore from being so red and chapped from the cold. I used lotion on them from the time they were born. But, I must say, I wasn’t good at verbally “teaching” them about proper skin care, and quite honestly, I am not sure they would have been interested in listening when they were old enough to care for themselves. I was lucky if they combed their hair! Haha!


My kids are 10 and 15 and I’ve tried telling them lotion. I always put it on them when they were little after their bath and then at some point I stopped and they just aren’t interested in it. I even let them pick out a couple lotions at bath and body works. They were all excited. but ti’s been a year and pretty sure all their lotions are over half full! Although I did buy the essential oil lotions for my daughter and she will use them but only on her hands lol.

And for face care I did buy them a face soap to use. my daughter the 15 year old will use it in the shower every other day but not when she doesn’t shower. I have tried getting her interested in other face care products but so far it’s not working well. I did buy them each a generic sonic silicone type thing to use on their face with soap but neither have been used!!

I recently saw some pokemon face wash and was going to get that but went back searching and couldn’t seem to find them. It was on ebay. It is much harder with my daughter since she has a lot of allergies including aloe vera which seems to be in everything now that I am checking labels. Neither of them burn like at all so I haven’t been very good with sun screen but I have recently been trying to do better with that. I bought an organic baby sunscreen that did not contain aloe and had my daughter try it. She said it felt like something was stabbing her. So now likely another allergy but no clue what in the product caused it. Bought her some Aveeno today and that is working good.

All in all I wish I would have started sooner with them. I even have such a hard time getting them to shower sometimes but my rule is they MUST shower at minimum every other day. And if they go swimming in the pool or lake or anywhere they have to shower after that no matter what, even if it’s a 2nd shower for the day.


@alpacas Yes! While most of us are looking at very adult products, a. They don’t have to be seen as only adult b.Kids use baby oil, sunscreen, cleansers and shampoos. Why shouldn’t they be trained to use quality, natural products from their early years? This wouldn’t have to immediately be a “kiddie” line, but we could certainly find a way to include in CC’s literature that these products, besides smelling great or not at all, more sophisticated than many, are simply good and safe for the whole family.

Someone else brought up products aimed at elderly skin. I’m assuming they meant the very thin, fragile skin that the truly elderly often develop. That might involve a separate product or two, although everyone could use those too.There is a very big need for that and just because people have aged doesn’t mean their only choices have to be chemical and medicinal smelling.:1st_place_medal:


I agree with what others have said. Lotion, bathing, and depending on your baby’s hair and texture, they may need hair products. I think after that, puberty is the best time to introduce things like deodorant, face wash, specific body washes geared towards older kids (not baby wash). My son also has eczema so I have to be super careful about body lotion and washes for him. I’ve been using shea moisture hair products on him most of his life and even though they are scented, they have never caused him to get rashes or irritations. I even tried Burt’s Bees before that and it dried his skin out so bad. I loved that baby buttermilk smell though, but oh well.


My son also has eczema. He is 7 years old now but I first noticed it when he was just a couple of months old. I used the high brand baby lotion and bath soap at first, but I kept noticing he would have a major reaction to just about anything with perfumes in it. That’s when I took him to the Dr. They suggested the Aveeno brand that’s non scented and it seems to be alright. I’d like to learn more about what I can and can’t use on him. His little skin will sometimes get so scaly feeling, dry & I can’t keep him from scratching.


But truly a he best products for children is the Honest company products they’re all natural and free of all chemicals smell great and hypoallergenic which is always a plus and you can get them delivered right to your door each month or when needed you set the schedule…