Skin Care for Children?


Here’s a way to get the kids started on that regimen:


I will have to look into that company! Do you have experience with them? If so…what is your favorite products?


Yes I do have experience with them they are awesome when it comes to customer service and you can set your own schedule to get products delivered but they also having personal care and cleaning products a lot of stuff…good company they was heaven sent when my little girl was an infant and the diapers are so cute you can get them with strawberries and little skulls just cute check them out.


Thank you! I definitely will. I have to be very conscious of what I buy because of my little boy. It would be great to not have to worry! :smile:


Their products are all natural and no chemicals, dyes, hypoallergenic yeah good stuff


I definitely think good skincare habits should start early, maybe teen years? It all really depends on the child and their skin. I remember dealing with acne as a teen and not really knowing what to do. My mother didn’t know what to do either so I just grabbed some Noxemia and called it good. I wish someone had taught me the benefits of good skincare, just simply taking off makeup, washing your face, moisturizer and sunscreen would’ve been a great start.


Hi everyone! I really think children don’t need any skin care products except some treatment cases of course. Children have great skin which we are trying to have using different oils and creams. Let children be children in all sense of this word. But I have a question: does anyone know what bike can I buy for my 2-year-old kid? I found this post, nay be someone could advise more? Thank you in advance!